Jimin Makes History at The Fact Music Awards: Fans Celebrate His Unparalleled Popularity

On October 2, 2023, BTS' Jimin made history at The Fact Music Awards by becoming the first soloist to win the Idol Plus Popularity Award. With over 624,353 votes (36%), his unmatched popularity resonates with fans around the world. Let's delve into the celebration and anticipation surrounding his well-deserved achievement and the excitement of witnessing Jimin's presence at the upcoming award ceremony.

Jimin's Historic Win at The Fact Music Awards

Learn about how Jimin made history at The Fact Music Awards, securing the Idol Plus Popularity Award as the first soloist.

On October 2, 2023, Jimin created history at The Fact Music Awards by becoming the first soloist to win the prestigious Idol Plus Popularity Award. With an impressive 624,353 votes (36%), Jimin’s unparalleled popularity among fans stood out in this entirely fan-voted category. Let's take a deeper look into the significance of this win.

The Significance of the Idol Plus Popularity Award

The Idol Plus Popularity Award at The Fact Music Awards holds great importance as it represents the unwavering support and love of fans. Jimin's win in this category shows the immense dedication of ARMY, BTS's fandom, as they tirelessly cast their votes to give Jimin a remarkable victory. This award demonstrates the massive impact of Jimin’s talent and charisma as a solo artist, further solidifying his place as one of the industry's leading artists.

The Fans' Celebration of Jimin's Achievement

Dive into the joyous celebration among fans as Jimin secures the Idol Plus Popularity Award and their anticipation for the upcoming award ceremony.

Following Jimin's historic win, fans took to social media to express their immense joy and pride. Using hashtags such as #CongratulationsJimin, these dedicated fans celebrated the recognition of his talent and hard work. The achievement represents a significant milestone for Jimin, who has captured the hearts of millions across the globe.

Hard Work Finally Pays Off

ARMY showcased their unwavering support by diligently voting for Jimin each day. Despite the limitations of only one vote per day per account on the Fan N Star application, fans went above and beyond by creating multiple accounts to cast more votes for their favorite artist. Their determination and commitment paid off, resulting in a deserving win for Jimin in the high-stake Idol Plus Popularity Award. Undoubtedly, the fan community's ardent efforts played a pivotal role in this triumph.

Eager Anticipation for the Award Ceremony

With Jimin's win secured, fans are now eagerly awaiting the upcoming award ceremony. They express their excitement to witness Jimin's presence on this prestigious occasion as he receives his award. This event is not only a celebration of Jimin's individual achievements but also an opportunity for him to represent BTS and their immense global fanbase.

BTS's Success at The Fact Music Awards

Discover the outstanding achievements of BTS and their members, winning multiple awards at The Fact Music Awards.

Though currently engaged in their solo endeavors and with some members fulfilling their mandatory military service, BTS once again demonstrated their immense popularity and continued success at The Fact Music Awards, securing a grand total of five awards.

Award-Winning Group

BTS dominated The Fact Music Awards, with accolades including 'Most Voted Artist,' reflecting the devoted support of their fans worldwide. The group also bagged the 'Fan N Star Choice Group' award, solidifying their standing as the fan-favorite noteworthy group. Additionally, their exceptional music was recognized with 'Best Music' awards in both the summer for BTS's song 'Take Two' and the fall for Kim Tae-hyung's enchanting track 'Slow Dancing.'

Despite Individual Activities

Despite focusing on their individual pursuits, BTS continues to win awards, displaying each member's unique talent. Even as the group's activities temporarily wane, their individual success highlights the enduring impact and adoration of fans.

Jimin's Recent Milestone

Learn about Jimin's monumental achievement of reaching two billion streams on Spotify within a staggering 526 days.

Not only has Jimin conquered The Fact Music Awards, but he has also set an astounding record on Spotify. Within a short span of 526 days, Jimin's captivating solo work accumulated a remarkable two billion streams on the popular music streaming platform. Achieving this milestone is a testament to not only Jimin's exceptional artistry but also the global admiration he commands.

What makes this achievement even more exceptional is the timing: it occurred during his birthday month, adding a further layer of jubilation and excitement among fans. As they celebrate Jimin's musical prowess, fans eagerly await further surprises and successes from this beloved artist.

Prominent Figures at The Fact Music Awards

Discover the lineup of presenters at The Fact Music Awards, including world-renowned actors and artists.

The Fact Music Awards promises a star-studded ceremony with notable personas from the entertainment industry presenting awards to the deserving artists. Highly acclaimed actors such as Kim Nam-gil, Park Hae-jin, Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Kim So-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, and many more are prepared to grace the occasion and add to the prestige of the event.

This gathering of influential personalities underscores the significance of The Fact Music Awards and further amplifies the thrill and anticipation surrounding the event. Fans can look forward to witnessing captivating performances and magical moments as their favorite artists shine on this illustrious stage.


Jimin's historic win as the first soloist to secure the Idol Plus Popularity Award at The Fact Music Awards showcases his unparalleled popularity and the unwavering support of his fans. This achievement marks a significant milestone in his solo career and further solidifies his status as a talented and influential artist in the international music industry. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming award ceremony, the celebration continues to resonate as a testimonial to Jimin's remarkable talent and the passion of his dedicated fanbase.


Will Jimin attend the award ceremony to receive his award?

Yes, fans eagerly await Jimin's presence at The Fact Music Awards where he will receive his Idol Plus Popularity Award.

How did Jimin's win impact his fans?

Fans celebrated Jimin's win on social media, using hashtags like #CongratulationsJimin to express their joy and pride. The achievement served as recognition for Jimin's hard work and talent, bringing fans even closer together in their support.

Which awards did BTS win at The Fact Music Awards?

BTS secured a total of five awards, including 'Most Voted Artist' along with 'Fan N Star Choice Group.' Additionally, their exceptional musical works, 'Take Two' by BTS for Best Music Summer, and 'Slow Dancing' by Kim Tae-hyung for Best Music Fall were also recognized at the awards.

How did Jimin achieve another record on Spotify?

Jimin reached the milestone of two billion streams on Spotify within a remarkable 526 days. This accomplishment showcases his global popularity and further establishes him as one of the most successful soloists in the music industry today.

Who are the presenters at The Fact Music Awards?

The lineup of presenters at the awards includes celebrated actors such as Kim Nam-gil, Park Hae-jin, Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Kim So-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, and many more, adding to the star-studded prestigious event.

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