Jelly Roll Takes a Tumble: Hilarious Mishap on Private Jet

Country singer Jelly Roll recently had a hilarious mishap while boarding a private jet. In a video shared on TikTok, he humorously recounts the incident and shares the funny footage. Join us as we delve into this entertaining story and have a good laugh along the way.

Jelly Roll's Hilarious Mishap

The story behind Jelly Roll's unexpected tumble down the steps of a private airplane.

Jelly Roll, known for his humor and self-deprecating charm, couldn’t resist poking fun at himself after taking an unexpected tumble down the steps of a private airplane.

“Storytime With Uncle Roll”

“If you want to see me bust my a**, keep watching this video,” he began before sharing the backstory to what happened. “Storytime with Uncle Roll. So the other day I had a flight and they parked the bus right outside the plane. It was the coolest thing ever. So I was like ‘y’all this is crazy I’m going to videotape me walking straight from the bus to the plane. This is going to be the coolest thing ever’ and I did.”

He shared a clip of that moment, which showed him exiting his tour bus and walking onto the airplane tarmac, unveiling a private jet awaiting his arrival. Then on his way home from the undisclosed location 

“So on the way back I was like ‘I think I should film the same thing’ because the bus was parked outside the plane again. I was like now, I’m going to do it walking from the plane to the bus,” he explained. 

Falls Down The Stairs

The video then cuts to the “NEED A FAVOR” singer walking down the steps of the private aircraft. As Jelly Roll made his way down the steps, he took a tumble down the final two steps. His fall prompted concern from the others accompanying him on the flight.

“Oh sh*t, yea, I think I broke something,” Jelly Roll shouted in pain.

The clip went on to show the pilot picking up his phone as Jelly Roll was briefly seen laying on the ground saying, “I don’t know what [it was that I hurt], but it’s hurtin’ boy.”

He explained that everything hurt, including his “Ankle, arm, shoulder, everything you can hurt in that little scenario.” 

Jelly Roll's Chart-Climbing Single

The success of Jelly Roll's latest single, 'Save Me,' featuring Lainey Wilson.

The news comes as Jelly Roll’s latest single at Country radio, “Save Me,” featuring Lainey Wilson, continues to make its way up the charts and currently sits in the Top 15.

Jelly Roll’s latest single “Save Me” featuring Lainey Wilson made a major impact at Country Radio upon its release on September 5. The song earned a whopping 60 first-week adds on stations around the country. “Save Me,” which received over 91 historic adds.

The genre-bending star recently opened up about reimagining the tune with Lainey Wilson and how she gives the song a whole new life. “I didn’t realize how much of an impact the song was going to have on me when I heard it from the perspective of a woman,” Jelly Roll admitted. “Lainey’s like a sister. I think she’s got one of the best voices in country music, and we’re already friends so it was just such an easy collab.

Jelly Roll's Latest Album

Details about Jelly Roll's latest album, 'Whitsitt Chapel,' and its success.

The new reimagined version of “Save Me” featuring Lainey Wilson appears on Jelly Roll’s latest album, , which arrived on June 2, 2023. The tune was originally recorded as a solo song on Jelly Roll’s 2020 album, Self Medicated.

WHITSITT CHAPEL, named after the church the Antioch native grew up attending, features 13 tracks, including his chart-topping hit “NEED A FAVOR,” “SHE,” and more.

“This album is about growth and gratitude happening in my life. I wanted to create a project that felt hopeful. I believe the worst feeling a person can have is feeling hopeless or worthless. This is therapeutic music. Real music for real people with real problems,” Jelly Roll previously shared in a statement.

The project debuted at No.2 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and in the Top 3 on the Billboard 200 all-genre chart with 90,000 album equivalents.

Jelly Roll's CMA Awards Nominations

Jelly Roll's impressive five nominations at the CMA Awards.

Additionally, Jelly Roll recently joined the ranks of Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash and more as he landed five nominations at the as a first-time nominee.

Following behind his “Save Me” duet partner who leads CMA Awards nominees, the genre-bending star earned five nominations, including Single Of The Year (“NEED A FAVOR”), Male Vocalist Of The Year, Musical Event Of The Year (“Save Me” with Lainey Wilson) and Music Video Of The Year (“NEED A FAVOR”).

“5 CMA nominations. I can’t believe it , like literally,” he initially wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, before further elaborating on Instagram.

For more information about Jelly Roll and his upcoming tour dates, visit his official website .


In conclusion, Jelly Roll's hilarious mishap on the private jet provided a lighthearted moment for fans to enjoy. Despite the fall, Jelly Roll continues to climb the charts with his hit single 'Save Me' featuring Lainey Wilson, and his latest album 'Whitsitt Chapel' has garnered critical acclaim. With five CMA Awards nominations under his belt, Jelly Roll's career is on an upward trajectory. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from this talented artist!

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