Introducing Lisa Gee's Inspiring Music Video - How Can This Be?

In a dynamic blend of 60s pop sensibility, gospel vocal treatment, and rock foundations, Lisa Gee's latest music video, 'How Can This Be?', delivers a whole new level of creativity. Watch as artificial intelligence plays the role of the deceiver in this thought-provoking visual journey. Join us as we dive into Gee's inspiration and explore the diverse talents behind her latest EP, Shut it Down.

Combining 60s Pop Sensibility with Gospel Vocals

Discover the captivating fusion of 60s pop sensibility and the timeless power of gospel vocals in Lisa Gee's 'How Can This Be?'

Lisa Gee's latest music video, 'How Can This Be?', is a testament to her ability to bridge different musical styles and create something truly unique. By infusing elements of 60s pop nostalgia with the soul-stirring energy of gospel vocals, Gee delivers a contagious sound that resonates deeply with listeners.

The vibrant combination sweeps us up in a whirlwind of emotions, taking us back in time to an era of catchy melodies and infusing it with the uplifting power of gospel music. Through her impeccable storytelling and energetic performance, Gee paints a vivid sonic landscape that grips the heart and leaves an indelible mark.

Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Explore the groundbreaking use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Lisa Gee's music video, shedding light on the potential deceit and chaos in love.

In 'How Can This Be?', Lisa Gee takes a bold step by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, creating a visually stunning experience that raises questions about trust and deceit in relationships.

By personifying AI as the deceiver, Gee shines a spotlight on the darker aspects of technology's influence on our emotional lives. The juxtaposition between cutting-edge AI visuals and Gee's timeless sound stimulates thought around the impact of technology on human connection.

As we get engrossed in the mesmerizing visuals and explosive sounds, we can't help but reflect on the power AI holds not only as a tool for creativity but also as a potential disruptor of emotions and personal authenticity.

Epitomizing Fearless Artistry

Delve into the defiant spirit of Lisa Gee's musical journey, as her EP 'Shut it Down' showcases her collaboration with renowned talents in the rock music scene.

Through her EP 'Shut it Down', Lisa Gee pays homage to the highs and lows of the human experience, fearlessly venturing into the exploration of love, exhilaration, and the inevitable consequences that follow. Collaborating with rock icon Carmine Appice, bassist James LoMenzo, and guitarist Don Mancuso, Gee crafts a record that exudes powerful emotions and sets her apart as an artist to watch.

Appice's mentorship and influence add an extra layer of depth to Gee's music, pushing her to let her creativity soar and continuously surprise and excite her audience. The combination of exceptional talent within the rock music landscape guarantees an EP that speaks volumes to the rebellious and vibrant nature of artistry.

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

Unveil the multifaceted talents of Lisa Gee, from her early years as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist to her remarkable music video creations and her audacious accomplishments offstage.

Gifted with a passion for music from an early age, Lisa Gee has nurtured her talents as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Fueled by an insatiable sense of creativity, she penned her first song at the tender age of four, setting the foundation for her musical journey ahead.

While diving deep into the legal community and steering music video creations for various artists, Gee never lost sight of her love for the open road. When she's not captaining the stage or honing her songwriting craft, she can often be found astride her trusty Harley Davidson Low Rider or her cherished Indian Chief Vintage, adding 'Biker Chick' to her long list of achievements.

With a passion that spans across multiple artistic endeavors, Gee's music echoes her eclectic nature and tireless dedication to the craft. As she continues to evolve and explore new horizons, her artistic journey promises to captivate audiences and inspire fellow music aficionados.

Revelling in the Gift of Creativity

Uncover the essence of Lisa Gee's EP 'Shut it Down' and gain insight into how each captivating track embodies the diverse facets of human emotions.

'Shut it Down', released in July, serves as a musical tribute to the depth of human experience. From the poignant lyrics to the infectious rhythms and cutting-edge production, each track touches upon themes of love, hatred, exuberance, and the inevitable fallout we all encounter at some point in our lives.

By collaborating with esteemed musicians such as producer Carmine Appice, bassist James LoMenzo, and guitarist Don Mancuso, Lisa Gee magnifies the raw emotions conveyed in her songs. The EP transcends musical boundaries, encapsulating a sonic journey that resonates profoundly with listeners on their individual paths of self-discovery and emotional resilience.


Lisa Gee's 'How Can This Be?' music video showcases the artist's bold and innovative approach by incorporating Artificial Intelligence as a symbolic deceiver. Through a fusion of 60s pop sounds and gospel vocals, Gee delivers a captivating musical experience that resonates deeply with listeners. Her EP, 'Shut it Down', is a testament to her fearless artistry and collaboration with iconic rock musicians.

Gee's passion, dedication, and diverse talents shine throughout her musical journey, engaging audiences with her compelling storytelling. With her thought-provoking visuals and immersive soundscapes, she leaves an indelible mark, challenging listeners to reflect on the impact of technology and embrace the vibrant emotions woven into her songs.

As an artist unafraid to venture beyond musical boundaries, Lisa Gee's artistic evolution promises to inspire and captivate audiences, inviting them on a sonic journey that explores the depths of human emotions and the power of creative expression.

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