Get Ready to Groove with DJ MK at Riviera Beach Club in St Kilda

Get ready to groove as Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves join forces to bring the renowned DJ and producer MK (Marc Kinchen) to the sun-soaked shores of Riviera Beach Club in St Kilda. The beats will drop on Saturday, 17 February 2024, from 3 PM to 11 PM, promising a beachside fiesta like no other.

MK: A Renowned DJ and Producer

Discover the talent and success of MK (Marc Kinchen)

MK, also known as Marc Kinchen, is a celebrated DJ and producer with a global reputation. With his impeccable taste in house music and a string of globally recognized hits, MK has solidified his place as one of the most sought-after DJs in the industry.

Born in Detroit, MK has collaborated and remixed with musical heavyweights such as Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Pharrell, Mary J Blige, Sam Smith, and Celine Dion, showcasing his versatility and mastery of the craft. His remix for See Right Through by Storm Queen claimed the #1 spot on the UK singles charts, and his remix of Wankelmut's My Head Is A Jungle became a chart-topping success.

With over 1 billion global streams, MK's journey through the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. His recent viral hit, Rhyme Dust, a collaboration with Dom Dolla, won the ARIA for Best Dance/Electronic Release, further cementing his status as a powerhouse in the music scene.

Riviera Beach Club: The Perfect Venue

Experience the sun-soaked shores of Riviera Beach Club

Located in St Kilda, Riviera Beach Club offers the perfect setting for a beachside fiesta. With swaying palm trees and panoramic ocean views, this open-air venue provides an idyllic backdrop for MK's performance.

Having previously hosted an unforgettable party with Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves in 2018, Riviera Beach Club is no stranger to delivering exceptional music experiences. The venue's vibrant atmosphere and stunning location make it a favorite among music enthusiasts.

Get ready to dance the day away and soak up the sun at Riviera Beach Club as MK takes the stage. The combination of the breathtaking views and the infectious beats will create an unforgettable experience.

Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves: A Dynamic Collaboration

Discover the power of collaboration between Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves

Untitled Group, Australia's largest independently-owned music and events company, has joined forces with Thick as Thieves, a music agency known for their love of house and techno, to bring MK to Riviera Beach Club.

Both Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves have a reputation for organizing exceptional music events and festivals. From Beyond The Valley to Pitch Music & Arts, their commitment to curating unforgettable experiences is unmatched.

By combining their expertise and passion for music, Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves are set to create a beachside fiesta like no other. Prepare to be immersed in a world of pulsating beats and positive energy as these two powerhouses come together.

Tickets and Presale Information

Get your tickets and don't miss out on this incredible event

Presale registrations are now open for the MK event at Riviera Beach Club. Don't miss your chance to secure your spot at this highly anticipated beachside fiesta.

Presale tickets will go on sale at 6pm AEDT on Wednesday, 22 November, while tickets for the general public will be available from 6pm AEDT on Thursday, 23 November. Make sure to mark your calendars and set a reminder to grab your tickets before they sell out.

Join us at Riviera Beach Club in St Kilda on Saturday, 17 February 2024, from 3 PM to 11 PM, for a day filled with incredible music, stunning views, and an unforgettable atmosphere. Get ready to groove to the beats of MK and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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