EXTREME Singer Gary Cherone Discusses the Importance of Albums in the Streaming Age

In a recent interview, EXTREME singer Gary Cherone reflects on the changing landscape of music consumption and the enduring value of full-length albums. Cherone highlights the shift from physical records to streaming platforms and acknowledges the preference of today's listeners for individual songs rather than following an artist's development. However, he emphasizes that there are still bands, including EXTREME, who appreciate and enjoy the album format, considering it a piece of art. Cherone also draws a parallel between the current singles-focused era and the early days of Elvis Presley before the rise of bands like THE BEATLES. Let's delve deeper into Cherone's perspective on the matter.

The Shift from Tangible to Digital

Explore the transition from physical records to streaming platforms and its impact on music consumption.

EXTREME Singer Gary Cherone Discusses the Importance of Albums in the Streaming Age - 1906136563

In today's digital age, the concept of owning physical music records has become a thing of the past. With the rise of streaming platforms, music has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the record store or carefully reading every liner note of a new album. Instead, listeners can now create personalized playlists and focus on individual songs rather than the artist as a whole.

This shift has transformed the way we consume music, particularly for the younger generation. They have grown up in an era where everything is intangible, stored in the cloud or on their devices. The emphasis is on instant access and convenience, rather than the tangible experience of holding a physical album.

The Artistry of Full-Length Albums

Discover why bands like EXTREME still value the album format as a piece of art.

Despite the dominance of singles and streaming, there are still bands that appreciate and enjoy the album format. EXTREME is one such band that believes in the power of creating a cohesive body of work. For them, an album is not just a collection of songs, but a piece of art that tells a story or captures a specific moment in time.

By releasing a full-length album, artists have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and artistic vision. It allows them to experiment with different sounds, explore various themes, and take listeners on a journey from start to finish. The album format provides a platform for deeper storytelling and a more immersive musical experience.

A Return to the Singles Era?

Draw parallels between the current singles-focused era and the early days of music before the dominance of albums.

Interestingly, Gary Cherone draws a comparison between the current music landscape and the era before albums took center stage. He mentions the time when Elvis Presley was ruling the charts with his hit singles, before bands like THE BEATLES revolutionized the industry with their concept albums.

This observation raises the question of whether we are witnessing a return to the singles era, where individual songs hold more significance than the entire album. While streaming platforms have made it easier to discover and consume music, it also poses a challenge for artists to capture listeners' attention and create a lasting impact beyond a single track.

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