Explore the Latest Features of Apple Music for Android v4.5

Apple Music for Android v4.5 brings a host of exciting updates that enhance your music streaming experience. Discover two new widgets, dynamic color theming, and innovative features that add a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of Apple Music on your Android device.

Discover the New Widgets: Recommendations and Top Charts

Enhance your music discovery with two exciting new widgets

Upgrade your music streaming experience with Apple Music for Android's new widgets: Recommendations and Top Charts. The Recommendations widget allows you to effortlessly explore top picks, new releases, and personalized suggestions tailored to your musical taste. Get ready to discover hidden gems and dive deeper into your favorite genres.

On the other hand, the Top Charts widget lets you uncover the hottest songs based on your chosen location or city. Stay in the loop with music trends and discover what's popular in your area for a truly immersive musical experience.

With these new widgets, finding your next favorite song or exploring the latest music becomes easier than ever. Spice up your home screen and ignite your passion for music with Apple Music for Android!

Dynamic Color Theming: Harmonize Widgets with Your Aesthetic

Add a personal touch with dynamic color theming for widgets

Tired of monotonous widget colors? Apple Music for Android v4.5 introduces dynamic color theming, allowing you to match the widgets with your device's theme or wallpaper. Whether it's a vibrant and colorful theme or a sleek and minimalistic vibe, your widgets will blend seamlessly with your personal aesthetics.

However, it's worth noting that the Now Playing and Recently Played widgets utilize a blurred album artwork as their background, creating a unique visual effect that may not sync with your device's theme. Regardless, this feature adds an extra layer of personalization to your listening experience, making it as visually stunning as it is musically captivating.

Exciting New Features: SharePlay in the Car and Suggested Songs

Unleash the power of collaborative music streaming and curated playlists

Immerse yourself in the world of music even when you're on the go with SharePlay in the Car feature. Collaboratively control what's playing on speakers through your Apple CarPlay. This innovative feature enhances music sharing experiences while you and your companions enjoy a road trip together.

Adding the perfect songs to your playlist has never been easier! With Suggested Songs in Playlists feature, Apple Music for Android provides a carefully curated selection of songs that fit seamlessly with your existing playlist. Spice up your collections and discover new sounds tailored to your music preferences.

Upgrade your music library in an instant with More to Favorite feature. By favoriting songs, albums, and playlists, you create a personalized library that showcases your musical tastes. Explore hand-picked favorites, and have all your most loved tracks conveniently stored in one place.

An Enhanced Listening Experience Await You

Unlock a new realm of musical enjoyment with Apple Music for Android v4.5

Are you ready to redefine your music streaming experience? Apple Music for Android v4.5 brings a suite of new features and enhancements that will immerse you in a personalized, seamless music journey. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the Apple Music world, these updates will delight and inspire your love for music on your Android device.

From the introduction of two exciting widgets—Recommendations and Top Charts—to the addition of dynamic color theming for widgets, your music browsing and discovery have received a powerful upgrade. Dive into the world of collaborative music streaming with SharePlay in the Car, discover perfect-fit songs with Suggested Songs in Playlists, and create a library showcasing your favorites with More to Favorite.

Upgrade to Apple Music for Android v4.5 today and unleash a new realm of musical enjoyment. Embrace the creativity and convenience of these features, and let your Android device bring your favorite sounds to life like never before.


Apple Music for Android v4.5 introduces exciting new features, enhanced widgets, and the option for dynamic color theming. These updates elevate your music streaming experience, providing personalized recommendations, seamless music sharing in the car, and curated playlists tailored to your taste. Upgrade your music journey today and immerse yourself in a world of musical discovery!


When will these features be available in the stable version of Apple Music for Android?

There is no specific information regarding the release date of these features in the stable version of Apple Music for Android. However, based on previous updates, it is likely that they will be available in the next couple of weeks.

How can I get the latest beta version of Apple Music for Android?

You can opt for the beta program through the Google Play Store to get access to the latest beta version of Apple Music for Android. Joining the beta program allows you to experience new features and enhancements before they are officially rolled out in the stable version.

Can I customize the widgets' appearance according to my device's theme or wallpaper?

Yes, Apple Music for Android v4.5 introduces dynamic color theming for widgets, allowing them to match your device's theme or wallpaper. However, it's important to note that certain widgets, such as Now Playing and Recently Played, may use a blurred album artwork background instead.

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