Discover the Surprising Music Tastes of Prog Rock Legend Steven Wilson

Prog rock legend Steven Wilson is known for his appreciation of challenging music in various forms. In a new video, Wilson reveals three bands that might surprise you with his love for them. Join me as we delve into the diverse musical tastes of this renowned musician and producer.

Unexpected Musical Tastes Revealed

Discover the surprising bands that prog rock legend Steven Wilson loves, beyond the realm of prog.

Discover the Surprising Music Tastes of Prog Rock Legend Steven Wilson - 586178078

Prog rock icon Steven Wilson is renowned for his love of challenging music in various forms. While prog is a significant part of his musical world, Wilson's tastes extend far beyond the genre. In a recent video, he shares three bands that might catch you off guard with his admiration for them. Let's dive into these unexpected musical preferences!

Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny: A Humorous Listening Experience

Explore the album 'Flower Power Sitar' by Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny, a hilarious encounter with the sitar.

One of the surprising bands that Steven Wilson loves is Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny. Their album 'Flower Power Sitar,' released in 1968, offers a unique listening experience. Wilson describes it as a record made by someone who had never seen a sitar before but was given one and told to make an album with it.

The sitar player on the record had no idea how to tune it, resulting in a humorous and unconventional sound. Despite the lack of technical expertise, Wilson finds the album charming and amusing, showcasing the unexpected beauty that can arise from experimentation.

Guns N' Roses: Experimental Ambition in 'Use Your Illusion'

Delve into Steven Wilson's appreciation for Guns N' Roses' album 'Use Your Illusion' and their bold approach to rock music.

Steven Wilson's diverse musical taste extends to the realm of rock, as he gained a newfound appreciation for Guns N' Roses after remixing their album 'Use Your Illusion.' Released in 1991, this double album showcases the band's experimental and ambitious approach to their music.

Wilson praises the band's willingness to push boundaries within the rock 'n' roll genre, considering it impressive. 'Use Your Illusion' contains a massive amount of music, offering a rich and diverse listening experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Merzbow's 'Pulse Demon': Embracing Extreme Noise

Discover Steven Wilson's love for the extreme noise and industrial music of Merzbow's album 'Pulse Demon'.

Steven Wilson's musical interests extend to the realms of noise and industrial music, and one of his surprising favorites is Merzbow's 'Pulse Demon.' Released in 1996, this record is known for its pure ear-splitting noise and extreme nature.

Despite its unconventional and challenging sound, Wilson finds the album intriguing and sometimes exactly what he wants to hear. It serves as a stark contrast to the music he typically creates, highlighting his appreciation for diverse and boundary-pushing artistry.

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