Discover the Phenomenal Icelandic Music Releases of the Week

Welcome to this week's roundup of phenomenal Icelandic music releases. Get ready to immerse yourself in a diverse range of musical styles and emotions. From Björk's charity single 'Oral' to Mikael Máni's dreamy jazz album 'Innermost,' there's something for everyone. Let's dive in and discover the musical treasures awaiting us.

Magnús Jóhann – I

Explore the highly anticipated single from Magnús Jóhann's upcoming album 'Rofnar'. Dive into the suspenseful and captivating world of his music.

Discover the Phenomenal Icelandic Music Releases of the Week - -875044167

Magnús Jóhann, the musical prodigy, has released his second single 'I' from the upcoming album 'Rofnar'. This track showcases a more suspenseful side of his artistry, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats.

Compared to his previous work, 'I' captures a sense of anticipation, as if something extraordinary is about to unfold. Fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting this masterpiece, and it does not disappoint.

Mikael Máni – Innermost

Immerse yourself in the dreamy and introspective world of Mikael Máni's latest instrumental jazz album 'Innermost'. Experience the profound influence of his teenage years on this captivating musical journey.

Embark on a musical journey with Mikael Máni's latest instrumental jazz album 'Innermost'. Inspired by his formative teenage years, this album beautifully captures the essence of his musical influences and the impact they had on his life.

'Innermost' invites listeners to indulge in a dreamy and introspective experience. With a team of talented instrumentalists, Mikael Máni brings forth a collection of tracks that evoke the earnestness and simplicity of adolescence.


Dive into the experimental world of Ægir's 10-hour-long album 'BRIDGES II'. Discover the captivating role of feedback in this unique musical creation.

Ægir Sindri Bjarnason, a multi-talented artist, presents 'BRIDGES II' - a 10-hour-long experimental album that pushes the boundaries of musical exploration. This unique creation showcases the central role of feedback in its diverse and unedited performances.

Recorded in just one week at Dansverkstæðið, 'BRIDGES II' is the first of many creations to emerge from Ægir's prolific week of recording. Immerse yourself in this captivating sonic journey and experience the power of experimental music.

Björk & Rosalía – Oral

Discover the long-awaited collaboration between Björk and Rosalía in the charity single 'Oral'. Dive into the evocative songwriting and support the fight against sea-based fish farming.

Björk and Rosalía join forces in the highly anticipated single 'Oral'. Based on a 20-year-old track from Björk's archives, this song showcases the evocative songwriting style reminiscent of Björk's earlier works.

'Oral' serves a greater purpose as well - it aims to raise awareness and support the fight against sea-based fish farming, a sector that poses a threat to Iceland's marine ecosystem. All proceeds from the song go towards Aegis, a non-profit organization dedicated to nature conservation and combating industrial fish farming.

Une Misère – DAMNED

Immerse yourself in the intense and powerful world of Une Misère's latest EP 'DAMNED'. Experience their skull-shattering hardcore sound and get ready for their upcoming worldwide tour.

Prepare yourself for an intense and bleak musical experience with Une Misère's latest EP 'DAMNED'. This release showcases their signature skull-shattering hardcore sound, leaving no room for compromise.

Since their debut album 'Sermon' in 2019, Une Misère has undergone a transformation, becoming louder and harsher than ever before. With 'DAMNED', they prove their relentless energy and set the stage for their upcoming worldwide tour, where they will leave audiences in awe.

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