Discover the Enchanting Sounds of Cigarbox Man's 'Blue Dalmon'

Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Cigarbox Man and their groundbreaking album, 'Blue Dalmon'. Led by the talented Chilean singer, composer, and luthier, Felibe Ubeda, this musical journey takes you on a sonic adventure like no other. With a fusion of delta blues, seventies psychedelia, and ambient textures, each track is a poetic exploration of identity, social communion, and environmental justice. Join us as we delve into the captivating sounds and thought-provoking lyrics that make 'Blue Dalmon' an unforgettable musical experience.

Unveiling the Musical Mastermind: Cigarbox Man

Get to know the genius behind Cigarbox Man and his unique musical vision.

Meet Felibe Ubeda, the multi-talented Chilean singer, composer, producer, luthier, and DJ who leads the mesmerizing group, Cigarbox Man. With his self-created instrument, the Cigarbox Guitar, Ubeda brings a distinctive sound to the band's captivating performances.

Accompanied by a stellar lineup of musicians, including Thomas Pridgen on drums (formerly of The Mars Volta), Uriah Duffy on bass (formerly of Whitesnake), and Karl Perazzo on percussion (formerly of Carlos Santana), Cigarbox Man creates a unique and unforgettable musical experience.

Discover the story behind Cigarbox Man's formation and how their diverse backgrounds contribute to their innovative sound.

The Sonic Tapestry of 'Blue Dalmon'

Explore the rich and diverse musical landscape of Cigarbox Man's album, 'Blue Dalmon'.

'Blue Dalmon' is not your typical album. It seamlessly blends the deep spirit of delta blues with elements of seventies psychedelia, acoustic and organic sounds, rock, and ambient atmospheres.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and poetic lyrics that transcend mere entertainment. Each song on 'Blue Dalmon' offers an emotional experience, touching on themes of identity, social communion, immigration stories, isolation, and environmental justice.

Experience the unique fusion of genres and thought-provoking lyrics that make 'Blue Dalmon' a standout album in today's music scene.

The Collaborative Magic: Production of 'Blue Dalmon'

Delve into the creative process behind the production of 'Blue Dalmon' and the talented individuals involved.

'Blue Dalmon' was a collaborative effort between Felibe Ubeda and renowned producer Tomas Salcedo, a two-time Grammy winner. Together, they crafted a sonic masterpiece that pushes boundaries and captivates listeners.

Learn about the unique contributions of Nahuel Bronzini, a member of Fantastic Negrito, and the Mexican artist Ely Guerra, who lent her talents to the opening track of the album, 'I Don't Want to Get There'.

Discover the sustainable approach taken during the production of 'Blue Dalmon', including the neutralization of carbon emissions through tree planting, a testament to Cigarbox Man's commitment to environmental consciousness.

Live Performances and Future Plans

Find out about Cigarbox Man's upcoming live performances and their plans for the future.

Cigarbox Man plans to bring their mesmerizing live performances to Mexico, with their first concert scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th at Pepe House. They will also be supporting the Argentine band, The Spirits, on select dates.

Experience the energy and magic of Cigarbox Man's live shows as they bring the unique sounds of 'Blue Dalmon' to the stage. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements from this talented group.


Step into the enchanting world of Cigarbox Man and experience the captivating sounds of their album, 'Blue Dalmon'. With a unique blend of delta blues, psychedelia, and ambient atmospheres, each track takes you on a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery and social consciousness.

From the mesmerizing instrumentals to the poetic lyrics, 'Blue Dalmon' offers a musical experience that transcends boundaries and immerses you in a sonic tapestry like no other. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the innovative sounds and powerful messages of Cigarbox Man's 'Blue Dalmon'.

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