Code Orange: A Genre-Bending Musical Journey

Welcome to a musical adventure like no other. In their latest album 'The Above', Code Orange pushes the boundaries of genre, creating a captivating and experimental sound that will leave you craving more. Join me, music critic Jennifer Hudson, as we dive into the dynamic world of Code Orange and explore the seamless fusion of metalcore, hardcore punk, industrial metal, and alternative metal. Get ready to be blown away by their masterful execution and emotional depth.

The Jarring Opening: 'Never Far Apart'

Experience the rollercoaster ride of Code Orange's genre shifts in their opening track 'Never Far Apart'.

Code Orange kicks off 'The Above' with a track that perfectly encapsulates their experimental nature. 'Never Far Apart' takes listeners on a wild journey through various genres, from Slipknot-inspired verses to Evanescence-esque choruses and Korn-like outros. However, the lack of smooth transitions between these genres can be jarring, interrupting the flow of the song. Despite this, the vocal exchange between Jami Morgan and Reba Meyers adds an incredible dynamic to the track, depicting a relationship on the brink of separation.

Unleashing 'Theatre of Cruelty'

Dive into the dark and introspective world of 'Theatre of Cruelty' as Code Orange explores the concept of self-inflicted pain.

With 'Theatre of Cruelty', Code Orange delves into the depths of self-inflicted pain and the desire to display it for all to see. The track seamlessly blends early Linkin Park-inspired verses with Slipknot-like choruses, creating a haunting and intense atmosphere. While the transitions are cleaner compared to the opening track, there is still a hint of jarring juxtaposition. Nevertheless, 'Theatre of Cruelty' showcases Code Orange's ability to evoke raw emotions through their unique sound.

Embracing Individuality in 'Take Shape'

Join Code Orange on a journey of self-acceptance and embracing one's unique qualities in the empowering track 'Take Shape'.

'Take Shape' explores the theme of self-improvement and embracing one's individuality. The track encourages listeners to break free from societal expectations and fully embrace their strengths. With a blend of heavy instrumentals and powerful vocals, Code Orange delivers a message of empowerment. The addition of Billy Corgan's vocals adds a touch of mellow reflection, reminding us to spread our wings and be true to ourselves.

The Dark Descent of 'The Mask of Sanity Slips'

Experience the descent into madness in 'The Mask of Sanity Slips' as Code Orange delves into jealousy and self-deprecation.

'The Mask of Sanity Slips' takes listeners on a journey of jealousy and self-deprecation. The track combines elements of Korn and Marilyn Manson, creating a dark and haunting atmosphere. While the chorus stands out as one of the album's strongest moments, the abrupt transition between sections is a missed opportunity. Despite this flaw, the track captures the raw emotions of feeling inferior and descending into insanity.

A Glimpse of Beauty in 'Mirror'

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of 'Mirror', a ballad that offers a refreshing contrast to the heavy sound of 'The Above'.

'Mirror' serves as a captivating ballad amidst the heavy and guttural tracks of 'The Above'. Reba Meyers takes the lead vocals, showcasing her soothing and relaxing flow. The orchestral and acoustic elements add a touch of beauty and introspection to the album. This track stands out as one of the best, providing a moment of respite and showcasing Code Orange's versatility.

Breaking Free in 'A Drone Opting Out of the Hive'

Explore the theme of surveillance and breaking free from societal constraints in the thought-provoking track 'A Drone Opting Out of the Hive'.

'A Drone Opting Out of the Hive' delves into the concept of constant surveillance and the feeling of being trapped within societal expectations. The lyrics serve as a metaphor for consumerism and the all-seeing eyes that monitor our every move. While the verses may feel mumble-sung, the powerful chorus delivers thought-provoking lyrics. This track showcases Code Orange's ability to tackle complex themes while maintaining their signature sound.

A Journey to Inner Peace in 'I Fly'

Embark on a journey to find inner peace and encourage others to live life to the fullest in the soul-stirring track 'I Fly'.

'I Fly' takes listeners on a poignant journey to find inner peace while urging others to embrace life to the fullest. The track carries a lighter feel, reminiscent of Alice in Chains, as it delivers a heartfelt message. Despite its chastisement, there is a sense of empathy and understanding for those who are not living their best lives. 'I Fly' showcases Code Orange's ability to evoke deep emotions through their music.

The Disturbing Reality of 'Grooming My Replacement'

Uncover the dark reality of 'Grooming My Replacement' as Code Orange explores the concept of emotional manipulation and self-destruction.

'Grooming My Replacement' delves into the disturbing reality of emotional manipulation and the creation of emotional clones. The track paints a vivid picture of someone turning another person into their worst self, leading them down a destructive path. The title itself, though provocative, effectively captures the essence of the song. While it may bear similarities to the previous track, 'The Game', 'Grooming My Replacement' stands on its own, highlighting the dark themes explored in 'The Above'.

Capturing Life's Moments in 'Snapshot'

Immerse yourself in the poignant track 'Snapshot' as Code Orange reflects on the prison of an unbearable relationship and the fleeting nature of life.

'Snapshot' captures the essence of living with someone who brings nothing but misery. The track combines a strong ska sound with industrial metal, creating a unique and captivating experience. The lyrics depict the struggle of tolerating an unbearable person while acknowledging the inevitable karma that awaits. 'Snapshot' serves as a reminder to cherish the present moment and break free from toxic relationships.

Embracing the Dark Future in 'Circle Through'

Join Code Orange in embracing the uncertainty of a dark future in the electrifying track 'Circle Through'.

'Circle Through' invites listeners to embrace the unknown and walk through the darkness that lies ahead. The track infuses electronic rock elements into Code Orange's unique sound, creating a laid-back yet captivating experience. 'Circle Through' serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best way forward is to accept and navigate the challenges that life presents. Embrace the uncertainty and let Code Orange guide you through the journey.

Finding Inner Peace in 'The Above'

Experience the epic conclusion of 'The Above' as Code Orange explores the quest for inner peace in the title track.

'The Above' concludes the album with a powerful and poetic exploration of finding inner peace. The track begins with electronic Radiohead-inspired sounds before transitioning into industrial metal. The outro gracefully transitions into punk metal, providing an epic conclusion to the album. 'The Above' depicts a plane of existence where true peace can be found, but only through self-acceptance. Join Code Orange on this poetic journey and discover the power of inner peace.


Code Orange's album 'The Above' is a genre-bending masterpiece that showcases their ability to seamlessly blend various genres, including metalcore, hardcore punk, industrial metal, and alternative metal. While some tracks may suffer from abrupt transitions, the album as a whole delivers a powerful and emotional experience. From the jarring opening of 'Never Far Apart' to the introspective beauty of 'Mirror', each track takes listeners on a unique journey filled with raw emotions and thought-provoking themes.

Code Orange's experimentation and willingness to push boundaries make 'The Above' a standout album in the rock and metal scene. Their ability to evoke deep emotions while delivering powerful vocals and instrumentals is a testament to their talent and creativity. Whether you're a fan of heavy music or looking to explore new genres, 'The Above' is a must-listen that will leave you craving more from this exceptional band.

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