BTS V's Live Stream: Insights and Surprises for ARMY

Join me as we delve into the captivating world of BTS V's recent live stream on Weverse. From his favorite track on Jungkook's album to his support for a controversial remix, there were plenty of surprises for the ARMY. Let's explore the intriguing moments that unfolded during this highly anticipated event.

V's Favorite Track from Jungkook's Album

Discover the song that stole V's heart and sparked excitement among fans.

BTS V's Live Stream: Insights and Surprises for ARMY - 970197774

During the live stream, V revealed his favorite track from Jungkook's album 'GOLDEN' - 'Please Don't Change.' This soulful and heartfelt song resonated with V, and fans couldn't contain their excitement.

V's choice of 'Please Don't Change' has ignited discussions among ARMY about the possibility of a subunit between V and Jungkook. The combination of their unique voices and undeniable chemistry would undoubtedly create magic on stage.

V's Support for Jungkook's '3D' Remix

Explore V's thoughts on the controversial remix and his unwavering support for the song.

V made a special request to the ARMY during the live stream - to stream Jungkook's latest remix of '3D' featuring Justin Timberlake. Despite the controversy surrounding Timberlake's alleged stance on the Israel-Palestine crisis, V expressed his admiration for the song and urged fans to support it.

This request sparked a debate among fans, with some expressing concerns while others wholeheartedly supporting V's endorsement. Regardless, V's unwavering support for the remix showcased his loyalty to his fellow BTS member and his commitment to promoting their music.

Relief as V's Enlistment Rumors Debunked

Discover the truth behind the speculation about V's upcoming enlistment.

The BTS ARMY had been speculating that V had shaved his head as a preparation for his mandatory conscription. However, during the live stream, fans were relieved to see that this rumor was not true.

The speculation arose from V's Instagram story that showed hair on the floor, leading fans to believe that he had shaved his head. The false alarm caused a mix of emotions among the ARMY, but ultimately, they were glad to see V with his signature hairstyle intact.

V, along with the other BTS members, has started the process for their military enlistment, and fans eagerly await their return as a complete group in the future.

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