BTS to Continue Making Music Together: Big Hit Music Reaffirms Their Collaboration

In a promising development for BTS fans worldwide, Big Hit Music has confirmed that all seven members of BTS have agreed to renew their contracts. Despite some members currently serving in the military, the label assures fans that the band will continue to collaborate with Big Hit in the years to come, starting from 2025 onwards. This reaffirmation of their collaboration ensures a future filled with incredible music and monumental success for BTS.

BTS members renew their contracts with Big Hit Music

Find out the exciting news about BTS members extending their contracts and their commitment to continuing their musical journey with Big Hit Music.

In a thrilling moment for fans, all seven members of BTS have officially renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music. This solidifies their strong bond with the label and offers reassurance to ARMYs worldwide that BTS will continue to create incredible music together.

Despite some members currently serving in the military, Big Hit Music has made it clear that BTS's collaboration with the company will persist. Fans can look forward to hearing exceptional music from the group in the coming years, starting from 2025 onwards when each member sequentially signs their renewed exclusive contract.

BTS members' military service and future releases

Explore the balancing act between BTS members' military obligations and their commitment to creating future music releases.

With some BTS members fulfilling their mandatory military service, Big Hit Music has taken into consideration their military statuses when it comes to planning future releases. The label has revealed their commitment to synchronized timing, ensuring that members serving in the military will have completed their duty by 2025, in time for the renewed exclusive contract period.

This strategic approach allows for a seamless transition in the group's activities and guarantees that ARMYs will still witness breathtaking releases despite any momentary detours caused by military service.

Individual achievements: Solo endeavors and Billboard success

Discover the successful solo ventures of BTS members and their remarkable achievements on the Billboard charts.

BTS members have taken the opportunity to explore solo endeavors during the time BTS announced their temporary hiatus. All seven members have made their mark on the Billboard charts, with their solo releases receiving immense praise from fans and industry alike.

Most recently, V's solo six-track album 'Layover' debuted at an impressive No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, marking another remarkable achievement for BTS. This tremendous success highlights not only their collective strength but also the sheer talent and individual artistry that each member brings to the table.


In conclusion, the news of BTS renewing their contracts with Big Hit Music brings an immense sense of excitement and anticipation for fans worldwide. Despite some members currently fulfilling their military service obligations, the group's commitment to creating music together remains steadfast.

With their continued collaboration with Big Hit Music, BTS's journey in the music industry is poised to reach unprecedented heights. Each member's individual achievements and the success of their collective endeavors are a testament to their talent and unwavering dedication.


Are all seven members of BTS renewing their contracts?

Yes, all seven members of BTS have renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music.

When will the renewed exclusive contract period begin?

The renewed exclusive contract period will begin in 2025, after all BTS members have sequentially completed their military service.

Have the members achieved success as solo artists?

Yes, BTS members have achieved remarkable success as solo artists, with their solo releases making waves on the Billboard charts.

What does this mean for BTS's future music releases?

Despite any momentary detours caused by military service, Big Hit Music ensures that ARMYs can look forward to exceptional music from BTS in the years to come.

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