Blueface's Mom Throws Shade at Sexyy Red: A Bold Take on Looks

In a recent Instagram Live session, Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, fearlessly expressed her thoughts on Sexyy Red's looks. Her unfiltered remarks have stirred up a conversation. Let's delve into the intriguing exchange and the ensuing response.

Blueface's Mom's Candid Remarks

Unfiltered opinions on Sexyy Red's appearance

Blueface's Mom Throws Shade at Sexyy Red: A Bold Take on Looks - -449986121

During an Instagram Live session, Karlissa Saffold Harvey, also known as Blueface's mom, didn't hold back when asked about her thoughts on Sexyy Red's looks. She referred to the St. Louis rapper as 'Stanky Red' and made some bold comments about her appearance.

Karlissa compared Sexyy Red to her own grandmother, stating that she is 'barely cute' and 'barely making it.' These unfiltered remarks have caused quite a stir in the online community.

Sexyy Red's Clap Back

Response to Karlissa's comments

Upon learning about Karlissa's comments, Sexyy Red didn't shy away from firing back. In the comments section of a blog post on The Neighborhood Talk, she referred to someone named Chrisean, implying that this person had already confronted Karlissa.

While the details of this confrontation remain unclear, it's evident that Sexyy Red didn't take Karlissa's remarks lightly and felt the need to defend herself.

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