Bid on Iconic Fashion Pieces: Prince's Wardrobe Auction

Fans of Prince have a unique opportunity to own a piece of his iconic fashion legacy. An online auction is now live, featuring over 200 lots of Prince's wardrobe. This collection, carefully assembled by a French collector, offers a glimpse into the musical virtuoso's evolution in both music and fashion. From his Purple Rain era to his later works, this auction showcases the unique style that made Prince a true fashion icon. One of the highlights is the white ruffled shirt he wore during his legendary 1985 American Music Awards performance of 'Purple Rain,' estimated to be worth $15,000. Get ready to bid and own a piece of Prince's fashion history.

Auction Highlights: Prince's Iconic Fashion Pieces

Explore the standout items in the online auction of Prince's wardrobe

Prince's wardrobe auction is a treasure trove for fans and collectors alike. Let's dive into some of the standout items that are up for grabs:

1. The White Ruffled Shirt: A Piece of Music History

One of the most coveted items in the auction is the white ruffled shirt worn by Prince during his iconic 1985 American Music Awards performance of 'Purple Rain.' This shirt is not just a fashion piece, but a symbol of Prince's musical genius. With an estimated value of $15,000, it's a true collector's item.

2. The 'Under the Cherry Moon' Outfit: A Cinematic Connection

Prince's fashion extended beyond his music career, as seen in the outfit he wore in the film 'Under the Cherry Moon.' This ensemble, with an estimated value of $45,000, allows fans to own a piece of Prince's on-screen presence and his impact on popular culture.

3. Blue Boots, Gold Stage Outfit, and More

Aside from these iconic pieces, the auction also features other remarkable items, such as Prince's blue boots, a custom-made gold stage outfit, a blue Schecter Cloud Guitar played by Prince, and even a unique chain hat. Each item carries its own story and significance in Prince's fashion journey.

4. Polaroid Photographs and Master Tapes: Behind the Scenes

It's not just about the fashion pieces. The auction also includes original Polaroid photographs, master tapes of hit albums, and official documentation about Prince's films and music videos. These items provide a glimpse into the creative process and behind-the-scenes moments of Prince's illustrious career.

Bidding and Closing: How to Participate

Learn how to take part in the Prince wardrobe auction

If you're eager to bid on these extraordinary fashion pieces, here's what you need to know:

1. Register and Explore the Collection

To participate in the auction, you'll need to register on the online platform hosting the event. Once registered, you can explore the extensive collection and find the items that resonate with you.

2. Place Your Bids

When you've found the items you want to bid on, simply enter your desired amount and place your bid. Keep in mind that there may be other passionate Prince fans vying for the same pieces, so be strategic with your bidding.

3. Follow the Closing Date

The auction will close on Thursday, so make sure to keep track of the time remaining. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Prince's fashion legacy.

Are you ready to join the bidding frenzy and bring home a cherished item from Prince's wardrobe?

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