Apple Music Replay 2023: Your Year-End Insights and Top Hits

Welcome to Apple Music Replay 2023, where you can uncover your year-end insights and relive your favorite music moments. Get ready to dive into your top songs, artists, and albums of the year, as well as discover the global hits that defined 2023. In this article, we'll guide you on how to access your personalized Apple Music Replay lists and share some exciting highlights from the year. Let's embark on a musical journey together!

How to Access Apple Music Replay

Learn how to find and access your personalized Apple Music Replay lists.

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To access your Apple Music Replay, simply log in to Apple Music using your Apple ID. Once logged in, click into the curated lists section to find your personalized Replay playlists. It's that easy!

Only users who have listened to music on Apple Music will have access to Apple Music Replay. So, if you're an avid Apple Music user, get ready to discover your top songs, artists, and more.

Explore Your Year-End Insights

Uncover your top songs, artists, albums, and genres of 2023 with Apple Music Replay.

Apple Music Replay provides you with a comprehensive overview of your music preferences in 2023. Discover your most-listened-to songs, artists, albums, and even genres that defined your year.

Superfans can take it a step further and find out if they rank among the top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre. Dive into your personal top 100 songs chart from each year you've qualified with the Replay yearly playlists.

Highlights from Apple Music Replay 2023

Get a glimpse of the exciting highlights and achievements from Apple Music Replay 2023.

Apple Music Replay 2023 has brought us some incredible moments in music. Here are a few noteworthy highlights:

Taylor Swift: Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift has claimed the title of Apple Music's Artist of the Year for 2023. With more listeners than any other artist worldwide, she has set a new record for the most listeners in a single year on Apple Music. A remarkable achievement for the talented singer-songwriter.

Morgan Wallen: Country Sensation

Country singer Morgan Wallen made waves with his hit song 'Last Night,' which topped the Top Songs of 2023 Global list. He also secured the No. 1 album of the year with 'One Thing at a Time.' Wallen's success showcases the enduring popularity of country music.

YOASOBI: J-Pop Triumph

Japanese pop duo YOASOBI made their mark on the Top 100 2023: Sing chart with their song 'アイドル (Idol),' reaching No. 7 on the year-end top songs chart. Their success highlights the global appeal of J-Pop music.

Rema featuring Selena Gomez: African Influence

Rema's remix of 'Calm Down' featuring Selena Gomez claimed the No. 12 spot on the global songs chart, becoming the highest-ranking African song ever on the list. This collaboration showcases the power of cross-cultural musical influences.

SZA: R&B Triumph

R&B artist SZA's album 'SOS' was the second biggest album of the year on Apple Music worldwide. This achievement marks a significant win for the R&B genre, proving its enduring popularity.

Keep the Music Playing with Apple Music Replay

Enjoy your personalized Apple Music Replay throughout the year and keep the music playing.

Apple Music Replay isn't just a one-time feature. It's available throughout the year, allowing you to keep listening, exploring, and sharing your favorite music all year long.

Whether you want to reminisce about your top songs of 2023 or discover new music based on your past preferences, Apple Music Replay is your go-to companion. So, keep the music playing and enjoy the journey!

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