Vaundy Collaborates with Cory Wong for Spy x Family Season 2 Ending Theme

Vaundy's latest music video for 'Todome no Ichigeki,' featuring Cory Wong, has taken the anime world by storm as the ending theme for Spy x Family Season 2. Directed by Yuichi Kodama and starring the renowned actress Masami Nagasawa, this collaboration brings together a diverse range of talents. Join us as we delve into the details of the music video, uncover an intriguing easter egg, and explore Vaundy's upcoming album 'replica.'

The Captivating Music Video Directed by Yuichi Kodama

Explore the visually stunning music video for 'Todome no Ichigeki' directed by Yuichi Kodama, known for his work with renowned artists. Discover the main protagonist played by Masami Nagasawa and the hidden easter egg within the video.

Vaundy's 'Todome no Ichigeki' music video, directed by the talented Yuichi Kodama, showcases his visual storytelling prowess. Kodama, who has previously worked with top artists such as Perfume and Ed Sheeran, brings his unique style to this project.

The video features the popular Japanese actress and model Masami Nagasawa as the main protagonist, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative. Keep an eye out for the clever easter egg hidden in one of the shots, connecting the music video to the world of Spy x Family.

Vaundy and Cory Wong's Collaborative Endeavor

Delve into the exciting collaboration between Vaundy and Cory Wong for the ending theme of Spy x Family Season 2. Learn about their creative process and the fusion of their musical styles.

The collaboration between Vaundy and American guitarist and songwriter Cory Wong has resulted in a mesmerizing ending theme for Spy x Family Season 2. Wong's unique guitar skills blend seamlessly with Vaundy's captivating vocals, creating a harmonious musical experience.

Both artists brought their individual styles to the table, resulting in a track that showcases their versatility and creativity. Wong's signature guitar riffs complement Vaundy's soulful voice, making 'Todome no Ichigeki' a must-listen for fans of both artists.

Unveiling Vaundy's Upcoming Album 'replica'

Get a sneak peek into Vaundy's highly anticipated second studio album, 'replica.' Discover the release date and the anime themes featured in this album.

Vaundy has recently announced his upcoming second studio album, 'replica,' set to be released on November 15. This album is a collection of Vaundy's latest works, including his anime theme songs that have captivated audiences.

One of the tracks featured in 'replica' is 'Todome no Ichigeki,' the ending theme for Spy x Family Season 2. Another notable track is ',' which was used as the ending theme for the first episode of Chainsaw Man. With these exciting collaborations and anime tie-ins, 'replica' promises to be a must-have album for Vaundy fans.


The collaboration between Vaundy and Cory Wong for the ending theme of Spy x Family Season 2 has resulted in a captivating music video and a mesmerizing track. Directed by Yuichi Kodama and starring Masami Nagasawa, the music video adds an extra layer of visual storytelling to the song. Fans can look forward to Vaundy's upcoming album 'replica,' which features 'Todome no Ichigeki' and other anime themes. With his unique musical style and collaborations, Vaundy continues to make waves in the music industry.

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