Unveiling the Nominees for the 2023 Screen Music Awards

With more first-time faces than ever before, the 2023 Screen Music Awards promises to be a celebration of fresh talent and outstanding composition. APRA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers have announced the nominees across 12 categories. Let's dive into the world of Australian screen music and discover the exceptional composers vying for recognition.

Leading the Pack: Bryony Marks and Michael Yezerski

Discover the talented composers nominated in multiple categories

Two exceptional composers, Bryony Marks and Michael Yezerski, have taken the lead with three nominations each in the 2023 Screen Music Awards. Their incredible talent shines through in their work, earning them recognition in multiple categories.

Bryony Marks has been nominated for her outstanding compositions in The Messenger and Savage River. Her ability to capture the essence of a story through music is truly remarkable. Michael Yezerski, on the other hand, has impressed with his compositions for Ivy + Bean and Cabinet of Curiosities: Pickman's Model. These composers have proven their versatility and creativity, making them strong contenders for the awards.

Feature Film Score of the Year: A Showcase of Exceptional Talent

Explore the nominees for the prestigious Feature Film Score of the Year

The Feature Film Score of the Year category is highly anticipated, as it showcases the best of the best in film composition. This year, we have four exceptional nominees vying for this prestigious award.

Benjamin Speed - The Portable Door

Benjamin Speed's score for The Portable Door has captivated audiences with its emotive melodies and seamless integration with the film's narrative. His ability to enhance the storytelling through music is truly commendable.

Cornel Wilczek and Thomas Rouch - Talk to Me

Cornel Wilczek and Thomas Rouch have crafted a mesmerizing score for Talk to Me. Their compositions perfectly complement the film's themes and create a captivating atmosphere for viewers.

Chris Wright - The Secret Kingdom

Chris Wright's score for The Secret Kingdom has left a lasting impression on audiences. His ability to create enchanting melodies that transport viewers into the world of the film is truly remarkable.

Anna Liebzeit - The Survival of Kindness

Anna Liebzeit's score for The Survival of Kindness is a testament to her exceptional talent. Her compositions evoke a range of emotions and add depth to the film's narrative.

Veteran Nominee: Neil Sutherland's Remarkable Achievement

Discover the impressive nominations of Neil Sutherland

Neil Sutherland is no stranger to the Screen Music Awards, and this year, he continues to impress with his nominations. With a staggering 16 consecutive nominations in the Most Performed Screen Composer category, Sutherland's talent and dedication are undeniable.

His music for Border Security, MythBusters, and Bondi Vet has resonated with audiences around the world. Sutherland's ability to create captivating and memorable compositions is a testament to his remarkable skill as a composer.

Will he take home his 16th consecutive win? The anticipation is high as we wait to see if Sutherland's remarkable achievement will continue.

Diverse Talents: Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks

Explore the nominations of Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks

Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks have once again proven their exceptional talent with nominations in both the Overseas and Australian categories. Their work on popular programs such as MasterChef, Lego Masters, Anh's Brush with Fame, and Beauty and the Geek Australia has captivated audiences.

With their unique ability to create music that enhances the viewing experience, Gock and Wicks have become renowned names in the industry. Their nominations are well-deserved recognition of their outstanding contributions to the world of screen music.

Notable Collaborations: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and Tim Minchin

Discover the remarkable collaborations in the overseas category

The overseas category of the Screen Music Awards features some notable collaborations that have left a lasting impact on audiences.

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Dahmer and Peaky Blinders

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have showcased their incredible talent with their collaborative work on Dahmer and Peaky Blinders. Their compositions perfectly capture the essence of the stories, creating a haunting and immersive experience for viewers.

Tim Minchin - The Aeroplane from Upright

Tim Minchin's song The Aeroplane from the comedy drama Upright has garnered widespread acclaim. His ability to blend humor and emotion in his music is truly remarkable, making this collaboration a standout in the overseas category.

These collaborations highlight the power of music to elevate storytelling and create memorable moments in film and television.


The 2023 Screen Music Awards promises to be a celebration of exceptional talent and outstanding composition. The nominees represent a diverse range of composers who have captivated audiences with their music for the screen. From the leading contenders Bryony Marks and Michael Yezerski to the remarkable collaborations of Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, and Tim Minchin, the nominations showcase the incredible creativity and skill within the industry.

We eagerly await the announcement of the winners on November 9th, as we honor the composers who have brought the magic of music to our screens. Congratulations to all the nominees for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of screen music.

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