Unleashing the Classic Gothenburg Sound: Follow The Hollow's Debut EP

Estonian melodic death metal project Follow The Hollow has arrived, showcasing the classic Gothenburg sound in their debut EP, The Sorrow Keeper. Adrenaline-inducing melodies perfectly intertwine with aggressive undertones, culminating in a sonic assault that captivates listeners. Journey with us through Follow The Hollow's maze of emotions and fierce musicality.

Unveiling Follow The Hollow's Eponymous Track

Explore the music video for Follow The Hollow's eponymous track from their EP, 'The Sorrow Keeper'.

Journey into Follow The Hollow's captivating world with their eponymous track from the EP 'The Sorrow Keeper'. The recently released music video showcases their unique interpretation of the classic Gothenburg sound, combining melodic hooks and aggressive energy seamlessly.

Blending Melody and Aggression: The Gothenburg Sound

Discover how Follow The Hollow skillfully incorporates the essence of the Gothenburg sound into their music.

Follow The Hollow draws inspiration from the revered Gothenburg sound, a merging of melody and aggression that defined the melodic death metal genre. Their music effortlessly infuses unbridled intensity with unforgettable melodies, breaking barriers and redefining expectations.

The Sonic Assault of Follow The Hollow

Immerse yourself in Follow The Hollow's sonic assault, blending memorable riffs, melodic hooks, and cutting-edge synths.

Prepare for a relentless musical experience as Follow The Hollow delivers a seamless assault on the senses. Through the skillful combination of unforgettable riffs, melodic hooks, and cutting-edge synths, their melodic death metal and metalcore blend presents a unique perspective that commands attention.

The Emote Maze of 'The Sorrow Keeper' EP

Explore the emotional journey encapsulated in Follow The Hollow's debut EP, 'The Sorrow Keeper'.

'The Sorrow Keeper', Follow The Hollow's debut EP, takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. The deeply personal lyrics, precise instrumentation, and atmospheric elements merge to create a captivating maze of emotions, resonating with each listener on an individual level.

Following in the Footsteps of Gothenburg Legends

Discover how Follow The Hollow pays homage to the legendary bands that inspired the Gothenburg sound.

Follow The Hollow proudly stands upon the shoulders of the legends that paved the way for the Gothenburg sound. Drawing inspiration from bands such as At the Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquillity, their energetic and emotionally-charged music pays homage to the genre's founding fathers.


In their debut EP, 'The Sorrow Keeper', Follow The Hollow delivers a captivating introduction to their interpretation of the classic Gothenburg sound. With their expertly crafted melodies, aggressive undertones, and emotionally charged compositions, Follow The Hollow has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the melodic death metal scene.


Q: How can I listen to 'The Sorrow Keeper' EP?

A: 'The Sorrow Keeper' EP by Follow The Hollow is available on all major streaming platforms.

Q: Who are the influences behind Follow The Hollow's sound?

A: Follow The Hollow draws inspiration from the renowned Gothenburg sound pioneered by bands like At the Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquillity.

Q: What other projects or releases can we expect from Follow The Hollow in the future?

A: Stay tuned for more releases and projects from Follow The Hollow as they continue to push boundaries and explore the realms of melodic death metal and metalcore.

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