The Rise of Mexican Music Touring: Fuerza Regida's Journey from Flyer Parties to Sold-Out Arenas

In the midst of Fuerza Regida's ambitious tour Otra Peda, frontman Jesús Ortiz Paz reflects on his humble beginnings performing at intimate flyer parties. Join us as we uncover his incredible journey, from charging for beers to commanding American arenas and stadiums. Alongside Live Nation, we explore the growing demand for Mexican music and how it is taking the live music space by storm.

From Humble Beginnings: Flyer Parties to American Arenas

Trace the incredible journey of Fuerza Regida's lead singer Jesús Ortiz Paz from his early days of performing at small flyer parties to his current success selling out major American arenas.

Jesús Ortiz Paz, also known as JOP, fondly recalls his beginnings as he describes charging for beers and performing at intimate flyer parties that first garnered 20 to 50 attendees.

Over the years, Fuerza Regida's popularity soared as their shows grew larger. Jesús reminisces about a pivotal moment when the band stopped traffic on the 10 freeway in L.A. to perform in front of a stunned crowd, ultimately selling out the show.

Witness the transformation as Fuerza Regida goes from humble beginnings to capturing audiences and commanding American arenas that are filled with their avid fans.

The Growing Demand: Mexican Music on the Global Touring Scene

Explore how Mexican music, once confined to local clubs with limited ticket sales, is now a rising force on the global touring circuit, captivating new audiences and finding acceptance beyond Latino communities.

For years, showcasing música mexicana bands was a challenge with modest ticket sales of 2,000 to 3,000 on a fortunate night. This has changed dramatically, as the new generation of Latinos has grown up with the genre, eagerly snapping up tickets alongside mainstream acts like Drake.

Amplifying this movement internationally, Live Nation's Hans Schafer and Jorge García have ensured that Mexican music primed for global stages. Destiny brings fervent fans, multiple European countries embrace this music form, expressing their love for the Mexican style outstripping all expectations.

As this musical wave gains unparalleled traction, the industry must acknowledge and increase representation for this audience and achieve the recognition and appreciation it deserves.

Captivating a New Generation: Making Mexican Music Cool

Discover how Fuerza Regida propelled a shift in perception, making Mexican music cool for a new generation of Latinos who not only embraced their cultural roots but also broadened the appeal of regional Mexican music in popular culture.

Jesús Ortiz Paz emphasizes that Fuerza Regida's success lies in redefining what it means to appreciate Mexican music. They effortlessly merged their American influences with strong cultural ties, defining their own unique style that resonates with a growing audience.

Breaking free from outdated stereotypes and inspiring awe in the hearts of fans, Fuerza Regida shattered notions that regional Mexican music was solely for older generations. They revitalized and made it relatable to a broader audience, contributing to a cultural shift that ensues to this day.

With their infectious energy and trend-setting persona, Fuerza Regida became instruments of change in making Mexican music cool, reclaiming its place on the musical mainstream with authenticity.

The Future of Mexican Music Tours on a Global Scale

Gain an insight into the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for Mexican music tours as they continue to expand globally and captivate fans who embrace the genre's distinct sound and cultural significance.

As Mexican music tours gain momentum and amass thousands of dedicated fans worldwide, agents, promoters, and venues play a pivotal role in transforming Mexicana musical artists into international sensations.

With a strong fan base in European countries and fervent support from emerging new non-Latino fans, Mexican music departs from exclusively appealing to Latino communities.

As the genre reaches unprecedented heights, industry representatives must act responsibly to represent and prioritize Mexican music on a global scale, providing it with the recognition and stature it deserves in the vast landscape of the music industry.


Fuerza Regida's journey from performing at flyer parties to selling out American arenas is a testament to their remarkable rise in the music industry. Jesús Ortiz Paz and Live Nation have played pivotal roles in spreading the música mexicana movement internationally, captivating audiences across the globe.

With a growing demand for Mexican music tours and an expanding fan base that transcends cultural boundaries, there is no doubt that Mexican music is set to become an even greater force on the global touring scene. It is crucial for the industry to embrace and support this movement, giving Mexican music the recognition and representation it deserves.

As the future unfolds, the opportunities for Mexican music tours are limitless. From captivating a new generation to making Mexican music cool, Fuerza Regida's success story paves the way for other artists to follow suit. With devoted fans and a boundless passion for the genre, Mexican music will continue to flourish, leaving an everlasting impact on the music industry.

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