The Gaslight Anthem Returns with Their Latest Single 'Autumn'

The Gaslight Anthem, led by Brian Fallon, is back with their hauntingly beautiful single 'Autumn'. This deeply contemplative song, set against luminous harmonies and oceanic guitar work, invites listeners to reflect on the impermanence of life. The band's upcoming album, 'History Books', marks their first release in almost a decade, and is set to take fans on an emotional journey through raw and introspective tracks.

A Contemplative Masterpiece: 'Autumn'

Discover the beauty and introspection of The Gaslight Anthem's latest single 'Autumn'

The Gaslight Anthem is back with their latest single, 'Autumn'--a poignant and deeply contemplative track. Drawing inspiration from serene fall days, this masterpiece encapsulates the fleeting beauty of life.

As frontman Brian Fallon reflects, 'Autumn' arose from a sense of gratitude and the realization of how few days like these we get to experience. With luminous harmonies and spellbinding guitar work, the song evokes a sense of gratitude for life's small pleasures.'

The Return of The Gaslight Anthem

Dive into the band's highly anticipated comeback after a decade-long hiatus

After almost a decade since their last album, The Gaslight Anthem is making a triumphant return to the music scene. Their upcoming release, 'History Books', promises to deliver the raw emotion and musical prowess their fans have come to love and crave.

Fronted by Brian Fallon, the band has taken their time crafting a collection of tracks that explore various aspects of life, ranging from mortality to the complexities of human connection. 'History Books' is a testament to their growth and evolution as musicians while staying true to their soulful punk roots.

Drawing Inspiration from 'The '59 Sound'

A look at the impact of The Gaslight Anthem's seminal album on their latest creation

The Gaslight Anthem's upcoming album, 'History Books', proudly follows in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed sophomore release, 'The '59 Sound'. This timeless album has left a lasting impact not only on the band themselves but also on legions of dedicated fans worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from the emotional power and rich musicality of 'The '59 Sound', 'History Books' reignites the same raw energy and vulnerability that captivated our hearts. It showcases their growth and maturity as musicians while still retaining the signature sound that garnered them a devoted following.

Eagerly Anticipated World Tour

Embrace the opportunity to witness The Gaslight Anthem live on their international tour

The Gaslight Anthem's return would not be complete without a world tour to reconnect with their fans and showcase their new material. From their native United States to various countries in Europe, fans around the globe can finally experience the magic of The Gaslight Anthem live once again.

Get ready to be swept away by Brian Fallon's soulful vocals, the mesmerizing guitar work of Alex Rosamilia, the captivating bass lines by Alex Levine, and the powerful beats of drummer Benny Horowitz. Witness their immense energy and intense passion as they bring 'History Books' to life on stage.

The Evolution of The Gaslight Anthem

Delve deeper into the band's growth and introspection with their new album

'History Books', as the name suggests, serves as a testament to the growth and evolution of The Gaslight Anthem. The album explores a range of powerful themes, such as mortality, mental health, and the complexities of human relationships.

While the band members have changed and grown individually, especially during their hiatus, their profound connection and collective excitement for making music once again shine through. In their own words, 'History Books' is the result of their shared musical journey and a reflection of the deep meaning that music holds for each band member.

A Highly-Anticipated Release

Prepare for the emotional and captivating journey 'History Books' will take you on

Embrace the excitement as The Gaslight Anthem unveils their highly-anticipated fourth album, 'History Books'. Filled with raw emotions and meticulously crafted melodies, this album promises to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

Immerse yourself in the plethora of evocative tracks, each providing a glimpse into the profound experiences that shape us as individuals. Brace yourself for the rollercoaster of feelings that Brian Fallon and the band deliver, with lyrics that resonate deeply and musical arrangements that leave an enduring imprint on your soul.


With their latest single, 'Autumn', The Gaslight Anthem showcases their ability to convey deep contemplation and introspection through their music. 'History Books', their upcoming album, marks a triumphant return after a decade-long absence, and promises to deliver a raw and emotive journey for their fans.

The band's evolution and growth throughout their hiatus is evident in the powerful themes explored in 'History Books', which touch upon mortality, mental health, and human connection. This album demonstrates The Gaslight Anthem's musical maturity while remaining true to their signature soulful punk sound.


Where can I listen to The Gaslight Anthem's single 'Autumn'?

You can listen to The Gaslight Anthem's single 'Autumn' on your favorite music streaming platforms.

When is The Gaslight Anthem's album 'History Books' set to be released?

The Gaslight Anthem's album 'History Books' is set to be released on Friday, October 27.

Are there any upcoming concerts or tours by The Gaslight Anthem?

Yes, The Gaslight Anthem will be embarking on an eagerly anticipated world tour to celebrate the release of their album. Stay tuned for tour dates and announcements!

Is 'History Books' similar to their previous album, 'The '59 Sound'?

'History Books' draws inspiration from the emotional power and rich musicality of 'The '59 Sound', showcasing The Gaslight Anthem's growth while retaining their signature sound. Fans will find both familiarity and evolution in this new album.

What can fans expect from The Gaslight Anthem's live performances?

Fans can expect a powerful and passionate performance from The Gaslight Anthem, with frontman Brian Fallon's soulful vocals and the band's electrifying energy. Witness their magic as they bring 'History Books' to life on stage!

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