Students with UTalent Records share their hopes for the new year

In a city like Austin, college freshmen Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari have found the perfect opportunity to pursue their passion for music. Join me as we explore their musical journeys, their involvement with UTalent Records, and their plans for the future.

The Journey Begins

Discover how Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari's passion for music started and led them to pursue their dreams at UTalent Records.

From a young age, Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari had a deep passion for music. Saani started studying piano in Europe before moving to America, where she honed her skills as a classically-trained pianist. On the other hand, Luis taught himself how to play guitar and sing, gaining experience performing at local restaurants.

Their love for music brought them to Austin, a city bursting with creative opportunities. When they joined UTalent Records, a student-run record label, they knew they had found the perfect avenue to pursue their musical dreams.

UTalent Records: Empowering Student Artists

Learn about the evolution of UTalent Records and how it supports student artists in creating their own projects.

When UTalent Records first began, it primarily focused on learning about the music industry and hosting guest speakers. However, in recent years, the label's focus shifted towards empowering student artists like Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari to create their own projects and showcase their talents.

One of the key initiatives of UTalent Records is the artist roadmap, which helps artists develop their brand identity and define the scope of their projects. The label also provides support in various areas, such as photography, graphic design, and music production, through its dedicated street team of student artists.

Balancing Music and Studies

Explore how Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari manage to pursue their music dreams while studying other career-oriented subjects.

While both Luis and Saani are deeply committed to their music careers, they also understand the importance of studying other subjects that can provide them with more career opportunities. Luis is pursuing a degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences, while Saani is majoring in business.

Despite their rigorous academic schedules, they remain dedicated to their music and continue to work on their craft. They believe that their music is an essential part of who they are and strive to find a balance between their studies and their passion.

The Future of Luis and Saani's Music Careers

Discover Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari's optimistic outlook on their future in the music industry.

Luis and Saani are both excited about their upcoming music releases and have high hopes for their future in the industry. While they may not aspire to be number one on the charts, they both feel that their music completes them and brings them immense satisfaction.

As they continue to pursue their music careers and release more music, they are confident that their hard work and dedication will pay off. They look forward to sharing their unique sounds and making a positive impact in the music world.


Luis Hernandez and Saani Sari's journey as freshman musicians with UTalent Records is a testament to their passion and dedication. They have embraced the opportunities provided by the student-run record label to create their own projects and put themselves out there in the music industry. Despite balancing their studies and music careers, they remain optimistic about their future and are excited to continue sharing their unique sounds with the world.

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