Shakira Opens Up About Her Creative Process and Success in Rare Interview

In a rare and intimate discussion, Colombian superstar Shakira opens up about her creative process, her journey to becoming one of the most successful artists in Billboard history, and her exciting plans for the future. Jennifer Hudson, a respected music critic and journalist, moderates the conversation, delving deep into Shakira's inspirations, her growth as an artist, and the unwavering support of her fans. Let's dive into the 10 best quotes from this captivating interview.

Shakira's Collaboration with Fuerza Regida

Shakira opens up about her collaboration with Fuerza Regida and the inspiration behind their song 'El Jefe'.

Shakira discusses her experience working with Keityn and Edgar Barrera on the song 'El Jefe' with Fuerza Regida. She shares her love for the regional Mexican genre and her desire to infuse it with a touch of ska. Shakira reveals the creative process behind the song and how it represents the reality of many.

The Therapeutic Role of Writing Music

Shakira reflects on the cathartic nature of writing music and how it has served as her main survival tool.

Shakira opens up about the therapeutic role that writing music has played in her life. She shares how writing has been a cathartic process for her, especially during challenging times. Shakira reveals that she often writes the most when she is at her worst, and how it has helped her overcome various stages of life.

The Unwavering Support of Shakira's Fans

Shakira expresses her gratitude for the support of her fans throughout her career.

Shakira acknowledges the unwavering support of her fans throughout her career. She describes how her fans have been by her side, holding her hand, and motivating her. Shakira emphasizes the strong bond she has with her audience and how their support has been instrumental in her success as an artist.

Shakira's Evolving Creative Process

Shakira discusses the evolution of her creative process and the different ways she approaches songwriting.

Shakira reflects on how her approach to songwriting has evolved over the years. She shares that there is no formula to her creative process and that it varies from writing alone to collaborating with friends. Shakira reveals that she finds inspiration in various places, including airplanes and the shower, and emphasizes the intimate nature of the songwriting process.

Shakira's Trust in Her Sons' Artistic Instincts

Shakira discusses how she trusts her sons' artistic instincts and values their input in her music.

Shakira shares how she values her sons' input in her music and trusts their artistic instincts. She reveals that her son Milan introduced her to Bizarrap's music, which led to a collaboration. Shakira emphasizes the importance of listening to her children's opinions and involving them in her creative process, highlighting their contributions to her music videos.

Shakira's Move to Miami and Its Impact on Her Career

Shakira discusses her decision to move from Barcelona to Miami and how it has positively impacted her career.

Shakira reflects on her decision to move from Barcelona to Miami and the positive impact it has had on her career. She shares that being in Barcelona felt isolating as there was no active music industry there. Shakira explains how being in Miami has provided her with a supportive community of colleagues, producers, musicians, and friends, which has been a great motivation for her.

Shakira's Growing Self-Confidence

Shakira discusses how her self-confidence has grown over the years and how she prioritizes what truly matters to her.

Shakira reflects on her journey towards growing self-confidence. She shares that she used to be concerned about small details like her appearance, but now she has a better perspective and prioritizes what truly matters to her. Shakira emphasizes the importance of having a supportive team and how her criteria and focus have developed over time.

Shakira's American Breakthrough in the Late '90s

Shakira discusses her breakthrough in the American music industry and the role Tommy Mottola played in her success.

Shakira shares her experience of breaking through in the American music industry in the late '90s. She reveals that she barely spoke English when Tommy Mottola gave her the opportunity to release music in English. Shakira discusses the decision-making process behind her English debut and how it shaped her career.

The Power of Spanish Music and Shakira's Connection with Her Audience

Shakira discusses the influence of Spanish music and how her connection with her audience has evolved over the years.

Shakira reflects on the power of Spanish music and how her connection with her audience has evolved. She shares that in the early days of her career, there were challenges and interference, but now she feels empowered to sing in Spanish. Shakira emphasizes that the people determine what music they relate to, regardless of age, genre, or language.


In this rare and intimate interview, Shakira provides a glimpse into her creative process, her journey to success, and her deep connection with her fans. From collaborating with Fuerza Regida to finding solace in writing music, Shakira's passion and dedication shine through. Her move to Miami has revitalized her career, and she continues to evolve as an artist while trusting her sons' artistic instincts. Through it all, Shakira remains grateful for the unwavering support of her fans and the power of Spanish music. Her American breakthrough and the influence she has had on the industry are testaments to her talent and resilience.

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