Sebastián Yatra Talks Love, Songwriting & More with Lasso at Billboard Latin Music Week

During the esteemed Billboard Latin Music Week, Colombian innovator Sebastián Yatra sat down with Venezuelan singer Lasso for a captivating discussion. Together, they delved into the intricacies of love, the art of songwriting, and other fascinating topics. Prepare to be enlightened by their shared wisdom as they invite you into their insightful conversation.

The Genuine Emotion Behind Love Songs

Yatra's insights into the heartfelt nature of writing love songs

Yatra expresses his belief that to compose an authentic love song, one must have experienced love themselves. He emphasizes that the emotion of love, whether in its blissful glory or devastating heartbreak, provides the raw materials for creating relatable music.

As a songwriter, Yatra reflects on the importance of stripping away layers of artifice and delving into the reality of love. The closer one gets to truth, the stronger the connection with listeners becomes.

Crafting Collaborations That Resonate

The essential elements of a successful collaboration

According to Yatra, a perfect collaboration begins with an exceptional song. Irrespective of the artists involved, the foundation must be a strong track. The chemistry between collaborators, either through mutual admiration or a profound understanding of the other's artistic style, further elevates the collaboration.

Instead of focusing on crafting a hit solely for the sake of grabbing attention, Yatra advocates for creating emotionally-driven music that leaves a lasting impact. It's about capturing the essence of shared experiences and profound emotions, attesting to the significance of unified, purposeful artistic endeavors.

Colombian Artists That Transcend Boundaries

The key factor behind the rise of Colombian musicians in the Latin music scene

Yatra attributes the phenomenal success of Colombian artists to a cultural and historical framework. Despite the challenges posed by war and drug-related issues, Colombia managed to cultivate a resilient music industry. Driven by a culture of hard work and resilience, Colombian talents defied the odds, setting the stage for their massive impact in the Latin music realm.

Colombia's transformation, marked by the innate fabric of its people, is reflected in its diverse pool of bankable musical icons. A collective refusal to succumb to adversity propelled the nation's reputation as a fertile ground for artistic excellence.

Keys to Thrive in a Challenging Industry

The invaluable advice Yatra received for navigating the music industry

Yatra notes that his mother has been his guiding light, grounding him throughout his musical journey. Her constant reminder to never forget his humanity, irrespective of fame or accolades, is an invaluable piece of advice he carries every day. It reminds him of the significance of remaining true to himself, connecting with people on a personal level, and finding meaning and purpose beyond the business.

Amid the competitiveness and allure of the music industry, Yatra emphasizes the importance of never losing sight of the core essence – being human. Through embracing one's humanity, artists can make a lasting impact on listeners and forge a genuine connection that resonates beyond the music.

Don't Miss Out on Latin Music Week!

Unveiling the highly anticipated Latin Music Week

Latin Music Week 2023, a pinnacle event in the music industry calendar, offers a plethora of exciting discussions, panels, and Q&As with renowned artists and insiders alike. From legendary icons to rising stars, each session promises insights into the multifaceted world of Latin music, making it a must-attend occasion.

Be sure to seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in this extraordinary gathering. Latin Music Week, coinciding with the prestigious Music Awards, celebrates the vibrancy and significance of Latin music, shining a deserving spotlight on this remarkable cultural phenomenon.


Sebastián Yatra's chat with Lasso at Billboard Latin Music Week provided a captivating glimpse into the world of love, songwriting, and collaborations. Yatra's insights on writing love songs with genuine emotion, crafting powerful collaborations, and the rise of Colombian artists shed light on the artistic and cultural aspects of the Latin music industry. His personal anecdotes and valuable advice serve as a testament to the power of staying true to oneself and embracing the human connection within the music.

Latin Music Week and the accompanying Music Awards offer fantastic opportunities to dive into the vibrant Latin music scene and explore its influential artists and industry insiders. These events are not to be missed as they celebrate and shine a deserving spotlight on the Latin music culture and its unparalleled beauty.

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