Rapper and Producer Duo, Dave B and Sango, Discuss Their Slice of the Seattle Music Scene in Music Genesis

This article delves into the creative partnership of Dave B and Sango, two Seattle artists who came together to produce an awe-inspiring music collaboration. Learn about their shared influences, their journey in the Seattle music scene, and how their song embodies the essence of the city they call home.

The Musical Artists with Seattle Roots

Learn about the backgrounds of Dave B and Sango and how their Seattle roots influenced their musical journeys.

Dave B and Sango both hail from Seattle, a city known for its vibrant music scene. Growing up surrounded by art and music, Dave B found inspiration in his father's gospel radio show and his experiences in theater and performance. Meanwhile, Sango's early exposure to diverse cultures in Seattle shaped his passion for music.

Despite their different musical backgrounds and styles, Dave B and Sango share a deep appreciation for their hometown's influence on their artistry. Their connection through their Seattle roots laid the foundation for their dynamic collaboration.

A Journey of Collaboration and Mutual Respect

Explore how a mutual admiration between Dave B and Sango led to their creative collaboration and the creation of their mesmerizing song.

The collaboration between Dave B and Sango was not just a casual encounter, but a result of their mutual admiration for each other's work. What started as a few direct messages and the sharing of beats evolved into a full-fledged collaboration.

The Magic in Musical Fusion

One aspect that drew Dave B to Sango was his ability to blend different styles and genres into one cohesive sound. Sango, on the other hand, was captivated by Dave B's unique approach to music. Their collaboration allowed them to push each other creatively and break away from typical musical conventions.

From Beats to 'Melodies From Heaven II'

Their creative process culminated in the creation of 'Melodies From Heaven II,' a powerful song born out of their collaboration. For this track, Dave B deviated from his usual melodies and focused on his rap skills, while Sango took the original beat and flipped it, adding a fresh touch to the composition.

Seattle's Influence Reflecting in Music

Discover how the city of Seattle finds its way into the art and music of Dave B and Sango, showcasing the unique qualities of the Seattle music scene.

The snowy surroundings and gritty atmosphere during the collaboration sessions reflected in the music they crafted. For Sango, the urban landscape of Seattle and its underdog status inspired him to create music that proudly represents the city.

A Verse for the City

Seattle has been underestimated as a cultural and musical hub, but Dave B and Sango aim to challenge this perception. They wanted 'Melodies From Heaven II' to showcase the essence of their city, its rich diversity, and its relentless determination to prove people wrong.

Shaping the Seattle Music Scene

Explore the impact of Dave B and Sango on the vibrant and diverse Seattle music scene, and how they carved their own unique style within it.

Dave B describes the Seattle music scene as diverse and ever-evolving, reiterating the fact that Seattle rap is distinct and defies any singular categorization. He values the strong sense of community within the music scene and references iconic venues like The Crocodile where he made his humble beginnings, playing for small crowds.

Sango, having experienced the music scenes both in Michigan and Seattle, emphasizes the importance of successful local artists returning to mentor the younger generations.

Music Inspired by the City and Community

The musical inspiration for Dave B and Sango goes beyond the confines of studio walls. The Seattle music scene finds its way into their music, deeply intertwined with the city's communities and vibrant culture. The support from friends, family, and local establishments like Fat's Chicken and Waffles demonstrates the interconnectedness of the artists with the local community.


Dave B and Sango have formed an electrifying musical collaboration that exemplifies the unique qualities of the Seattle music scene. Their deep-rooted connection to the city and their shared admiration for each other's artistry shine through in their powerful song, 'Melodies From Heaven II'.

Through their fusion of styles and willingness to defy musical conventions, Dave B and Sango have left an indelible mark on the Seattle music scene. Their music serves as a testament to the diversity, resilience, and creativity of the city and its vibrant community of artists.

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