Paula DeAnda to Debut Historic Collaborations at the 43rd Tejano Music Awards

In a much-anticipated moment, Paula DeAnda will make her mark at the 43rd Tejano Music Awards with two historic collaborations. This groundbreaking performance will showcase her immense talent and deep appreciation for her Mexican-American roots. Read on to discover the captivating details of this unforgettable event.

Premiere of Two Historic Collaborations

Witness an extraordinary moment as Paula DeAnda showcases her immense musical talent through two groundbreaking collaborations at the Tejano Music Awards.

will take center stage at the 43rd Tejano Music Awards with the premiere of newfound collaborations. This highly anticipated event will feature two extraordinary performances that celebrate DeAnda's deep Mexican-American roots and her undeniable musical prowess.

The first collaboration will be a breathtaking duet of the iconic Tortilla Factory hit, “Somos Novios”, featuring the late former lead singer Gilbert DeAnda, lovingly knowns as Coyote. Paula, being Coyote's first cousin, will join his original vocals with her own, creating a magical and heartfelt rendition that pays tribute to their shared heritage.

To capture Coyote's unique and mesmerizing voice, Paula found herself challenged in the studio to match his awe-inspiring tone and delivery. As the two voices merge seamlessly in this powerful duet, a new version of “Somos Novios” comes to life - a testament to their breathtaking talent and the everlasting spirit of kinship.

The second collaboration unveils an explosive international cumbia track titled, “Tus Ojos (I’m What You Need)”. This catchy and rhythmic song, co-written by Paula DeAnda, of Tortilla Factory, and , combines their artistic influences, resulting in an innovative and upbeat fusion that transcends borders, cultures, and generations.

The goal behind “Tus Ojos (I’m What You Need)” was to create an original piece that blends various musical styles, reflecting the diversity in both artists' backgrounds. The song celebrates the vibrant Tejano music culture while exhilarating audiences with sensational rhythms and vocals that capture the essence of joy and dance.

With each collaboration showcasing different aspects of Paula DeAnda's immense talent, the audience can expect an unforgettable performance at the Tejano Music Awards.

Honoring Family and Musical Legacy

Discover the deeper personal ties as Paula DeAnda and the legendary bridge generations and honor a rich musical legacy.

Paula DeAnda approaches her performance with great reverence, not only paying tribute to her Mexican-American roots, but also to her musical heritage. The collaboration on “Somos Novios” with her late cousin, Gilbert DeAnda, serves both as an homage to their shared background and as a celebration of Coyote's incredible talent.

Coyote, as the former lead singer of Tortilla Factory, left an indelible mark on Tejano music audiences with his one-of-a-kind voice and exceptional artistry. Paula's powerful performance alongside his original vocals ensures that his legacy lives on while weaving a beautiful story that reconnects past and present.

The second collaboration, “Tus Ojos (I’m What You Need)”, unites Paula with and the whole Tortilla Factory band. This spectacular joining of forces perpetuates the rich musical lineage of the band and propels its reign into the present, cementing its place as a legendary institution in Tejano music.

Honoring family and embracing her musical heritage, Paula DeAnda treats the audience to breathtaking moments laden with emotion and respect. The blend of talent from different generations creates an enchanting experience that pays tribute to the intricate tapestry of Tejano music, keeping its traditional essence alive for audiences today.

Tejano Genre Reflection and Inspiration

Join Paula DeAnda as she embraces her Tex-Mex roots and hopes to inspire her fans through the power of Tejano music.

Paula DeAnda's involvement in the Tejano music scene has been an integral part of her vibrant career, showcasing her passionate artistry and versatility as a singer-songwriter. Her latest collaborations explore the rich tapestry of the Tejano genre, leaving audiences in awe of the blending of classical and contemporary sounds.

Paula's journey in the music industry, influenced by her Mexican-American roots, has powered her desire to bring recognition and support to the immersive Tejano music genre. Through her engaging performances, she hopes to inspire a new wave of young artists while building appreciation for this beautiful and captivating style of music.

The impact of Tejano music resonates through Paula DeAnda's soulful voice, influenced by the likes of Tortilla Factory and other Tejano legends. Her performances at the Tejano Music Awards will shine a well-deserved spotlight on the genre, bringing forth stories, emotions, and a vibrant rhythm that stands as testament to the magic and authenticity of Tejano music.


Paula DeAnda's upcoming performance at the 43rd Tejano Music Awards is destined to be a historic moment that celebrates the rich musical legacy of the Tejano genre. Through her newfound collaborations and vibrant talent, Paula pays tribute to her family, her roots, and the spirit of unity that Tejano music embodies. Her performances are a testament to the power of music in bridging generations, inspiring artists, and connecting people across cultures and borders. This enchanting display of talent is sure to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

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