Oliver Tree Release Highly Anticipated Album 'ALONE IN A CROWD'

Oliver Tree, the multi-talented global phenomenon, has just released his highly anticipated third studio album 'ALONE IN A CROWD.' This introspective and emotional album dives deep into themes of loneliness, disconnect, and the human experience in popular culture. Join Oliver Tree in his exploration and embrace the absurdity of our modern world. Read on to discover the details of his latest music video and upcoming SOLD OUT international tour.

Oliver Tree's 'ALONE IN A CROWD': The Highly Anticipated Release

Discover the excitement surrounding Oliver Tree's third studio album, 'ALONE IN A CROWD', and its unique exploration of themes.

Oliver Tree has done it again with the release of his highly anticipated third studio album, 'ALONE IN A CROWD'. Fans worldwide are buzzing with excitement as they dive into the introspective journey presented in this album.

Through 'ALONE IN A CROWD', Oliver Tree delves into themes of loneliness, disconnect, and the human experience, highlighting the absurdity of modern culture and our obsession with fame and social media. The album holds up a mirror to society, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives and embrace the inherent absurdity.

The Artistry of Oliver Tree's 'With You

Explore the unique elements of the focus track 'With You' and its official music video, self-directed by Oliver Tree himself.

One of the standout tracks from 'ALONE IN A CROWD' is 'With You', a mesmerizing showcase of Oliver Tree's multi-talented skills as both a musician and a self-directed filmmaker. By taking total creative control, Tree delivers an artful visual portrayal that beautifully complements the emotional depth of the song.

Featuring his latest character creation, Cornelius Cummings, the music video further adds to Oliver Tree's enigmatic persona. Filmed in Serbia, the trilogy of videos tells a captivating story, unraveling the journey of Cornelius Cummings as a fashion designer from London.

Oliver Tree's Exceptionally Personal Creative Process

Delve into Oliver Tree's work ethic and his dedication to every aspect of his music, including the production of his own videos.

Oliver Tree is renowned for his unique blend of artistry and the attention to detail he pours into every project. With 'ALONE IN A CROWD', he explores yet another level of personal involvement, producing each track and directing his music videos.

As a self-proclaimed workaholic, Oliver Tree has honed his craft not only as a musician but also as a visual storyteller. From writing and creating the videos to directing and editing them himself, he immerses himself fully in his art, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with his artistic vision.

Oliver Tree's International SOLD OUT Tour

Discover the anticipation surrounding Oliver Tree's biggest international tour and the excitement among fans worldwide.

Never one to slow down, Oliver Tree is gearing up for his most ambitious international tour to date. Stretching across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia, his SOLD OUT tour shows the immense popularity he has garnered with fans across the globe.

Produced by Live Nation, the 'OLIVER TREE PRESENTS ALONE IN A CROWD' tour promises unforgettable performances and captivating visuals. From the energetic atmosphere to the enthusiastic audience response, it's no wonder that the anticipation for Oliver Tree's live shows is sky-high.


Oliver Tree's 'ALONE IN A CROWD' is a testament to his exceptional talent and artistry. With introspective songwriting, captivating visuals, and his unwavering commitment to his craft, Oliver Tree has delivered a deeply personal and thought-provoking album that resonates with fans worldwide.

As the anticipated international tour fully demonstrates his immense popularity, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience Oliver Tree's performances firsthand. With his unique style and unwavering creativity, Oliver Tree continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with his music and memorable visuals.


Can you tell us more about 'ALONE IN A CROWD'?

Certainly! 'ALONE IN A CROWD' is Oliver Tree's highly anticipated third studio album. It is an introspective exploration of themes such as loneliness, disconnect, and the human experience in popular culture. The album reflects the artist's unique perspective and pushes the boundaries of music and visual storytelling.

What makes Oliver Tree's work stand out?

Oliver Tree's work stands out due to his exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication. He produces each track, writes scripts for and directs his music videos, and immerses himself fully in every aspect of his art. This hands-on approach allows Oliver Tree to create a unique and cohesive body of work that resonates with fans worldwide.

When is Oliver Tree's international tour?

Oliver Tree's international tour, 'OLIVER TREE PRESENTS ALONE IN A CROWD,' begins on October 13th and spans across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The tour promises electrifying performances, captivating visuals, and a chance for fans to experience Oliver Tree's unique and exuberant stage presence.

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