Norah Jones, ‘Asteroid City,’ And More Set For Black Friday Record Store Day Releases

ABKCO is set to release the mesmerizing Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl for the very first time on Record Store Day Black Friday. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies crafted by celebrated composers and relish the timeless charm of 1950s country and western music. This article explores the long-awaited vinyl release, highlighting the original score and vintage tunes that will truly delight music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Mesmerizing Soundscapes of Asteroid City

Explore the captivating music that graces the Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack), setting the tone for one of Wes Anderson's cinematic gems.

Step into the mesmerizing world of Asteroid City with its beguiling soundtrack. Pushing the boundaries of audio storytelling, the music transports listeners to the quirky universe inhabited by the film's characters. From compelling original compositions by celebrated composers to beloved vintage tunes from the 1950s, this soundtrack offers a soundscape unlike any other.

The Making of Asteroid City: Montana and the Ranch Hands

Celebrated composer ______ mesmerizes with his original score, perfectly complementing the film's whimsical aesthetic. His artistry brings out the emotions on screen like a symphony for the eyes and ears. Exploring the untamed plains with the Ranch Hands, viewers are swept away by the evocative melodies and atmospheric soundscape. It's as if the music itself speaks a language only Asteroid City can truly understand.

But music aficionados will also bask in the nostalgic beauty of the 1950s country and Western tunes that make a welcome appearance on this soundtrack. These vintage gems, carefully selected by ______, add a distinct flair, transporting listeners to an era that blends seamlessly with Wes Anderson's distinctive vision. Each track captivates, evoking a sense of nostalgia and painting vivid pictures in the mind's eye.

Record Store Day Black Friday: Vinyl Delights

Discover the significance of Record Store Day Black Friday and the thrill of acquiring physical releases for music enthusiasts.

Record Store Day Black Friday is a celebration of music and community, with avid collectors and passionate fans eagerly awaiting exclusive vinyl releases. The event honors the tradition of visiting local independent record stores to discover rare gems and beloved albums released in physical formats.

On this special day, the limited edition release of the Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl serves as a delightful treat for audiophiles and Wes Anderson fans. The exquisite orange translucent records offer a tactile and nostalgic experience as the warm tones emanate from the turntable. It's an opportunity to not just hear, but to truly feel the music in an intimate and tangible way.

The joyful pursuit of vinyl embodies the essence of Record Store Day Black Friday, with music lovers around the world appreciating both the acoustic pleasures and the aesthetically pleasing artwork and packaging that accompany these special releases. The hunt for exclusive editions and the thrill of adding a prized record to one's collection make this annual event a standout on every music enthusiast's calendar.

From Podcast to Vinyl: Norah Jones Is Playing Along

Discover the musical collaborations showcased in Norah Jones’ podcast and the exclusive releases on color vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday.

Building upon the success of her podcast, Norah Jones Is Playing Along, the singer-songwriter goes a step further, compiling a mesmerizing selection of collaborations on a vibrant color vinyl release exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday. This collection brings together a diverse range of talent, celebrating the power of musical partnerships and meaningful connections that transcend genres.

Featuring acclaimed artists such as Jeff Tweedy, Mavis Staples, and Logic, among others, the album represents a rich tapestry of creativity and showcases Norah Jones' incredible versatility and willingness to explore new sounds and styles. With each track, listeners are treated to an intimate glimpse into the collaborative process, witnessing stirring performances captured in pristine quality on this special vinyl edition.


The highly anticipated release of the Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack) on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday is truly a feast for the senses. From the enchanting original compositions to the nostalgic 1950s tunes, this soundtrack transports listeners to the whimsical universe of the film. Vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers alike can indulge in the sonic journey and relish the tactility and warmth of the orange translucent records.

Record Store Day Black Friday is an opportunity to not only celebrate music, but also the vibrant community built around it. The exclusive vinyl releases and the thrill of collecting physical formats come together on this special day, connecting fans and local independent record stores. With the addition of Norah Jones' podcast-inspired album and other noteworthy releases, this event promises to be a memorable one for music enthusiasts worldwide.


Can I stream the Asteroid City soundtrack online?

Yes, the Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack) was previously released digitally, allowing listeners to stream or purchase the music online. However, the vinyl release for Record Store Day Black Friday allows fans to experience the music in a new and tangible way.

Are the vintage 1950s tunes from Asteroid City remastered for the vinyl release?

While specific details about the mastering process may vary, the vintage 1950s tunes featured on the Asteroid City (Original Soundtrack) undergo careful selection to ensure a delightful auditory experience. Whether remastered or preserved in their original splendor, these tunes bring a charming nostalgia to the vinyl release.

Where can I find the exclusive Norah Jones vinyl release?

The exclusive Norah Jones release, featuring musical collaborations from her podcast Norah Jones Is Playing Along, will be available exclusively at indie record stores on color vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday. Check your local independent record store for availability and make sure to secure your copy!

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