Netflix Presents Exclusive Preview of 'NEON' Reggaeton Series at Latin Music Week 2023

Netflix gave a select group of viewers a special treat at Latin Music Week 2023 with an exclusive preview of their upcoming reggaeton series, 'NEON'. Set to premiere on October 19, this highly anticipated show follows the journey of three childhood friends as they chase their dreams in the competitive world of reggaeton. Join Santi, Vanessa, and Felix as they face the harsh realities of the music industry and strive to make their mark. With Tainy & One Six as executive music producers, 'NEON' promises to be a captivating and authentic portrayal of the reggaeton scene.

The Story of 'NEON'

Discover the captivating storyline of 'NEON' and the struggles faced by the main characters.

'NEON' is an eight-episode comedy series that takes place in Puerto Rico and follows the journey of three childhood friends: Santi, Vanessa, and Felix. Santi, played by Tyler Dean Flores, is an emerging artist with dreams of becoming a reggaeton star. Alongside his friend/manager Vanessa and friend/creative director Felix, they embark on a trip to Miami to chase their dreams.

However, they soon realize that achieving success in the reggaeton industry is not as easy as they imagined. With limited resources and facing the harsh realities of being emerging artists, they must navigate the competitive world of reggaeton and find their place in the music industry.

The Creative Team Behind 'NEON'

Learn about the talented individuals who brought 'NEON' to life and their contributions to the series.

'NEON' boasts an impressive creative team, including prominent reggaeton producer and Grammy winner Tainy, along with Lex Borrero and Iván Rodríguez, known as Tainy & One Six. They served as executive music producers, writing and producing original songs exclusively for the series.

The team of music supervisors includes One Six from Neon16 and Ntertain, as well as Joe Rodríguez and Javier Nuno from Indice. Their expertise and passion for reggaeton music add an authentic and immersive experience to the series.

Latin Music Week 2023: The Perfect Platform

Explore the significance of showcasing the 'NEON' preview at Latin Music Week 2023 and its impact on the audience.

Latin Music Week 2023 provided the ideal platform for Netflix to present a sneak peek of 'NEON' to a select group of viewers. This event, celebrated for over 30 years, brings together industry professionals, artists, and music enthusiasts, creating a vibrant and supportive atmosphere.

The exclusive preview of 'NEON' at Latin Music Week generated excitement and anticipation among attendees, highlighting the growing popularity and influence of reggaeton in the music industry. It showcased the commitment of Netflix to bring diverse and engaging content to its audience.


'NEON' is set to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and authentic portrayal of the reggaeton industry. The series follows the journey of three childhood friends as they navigate the challenges and realities of chasing their dreams in the music industry. With a talented creative team and the support of Latin Music Week, 'NEON' promises to be a must-watch for reggaeton fans and music enthusiasts alike.


What is the release date of 'NEON'?

The series 'NEON' is set to be released on October 19.

Who are the executive music producers of 'NEON'?

Tainy & One Six, prominent reggaeton producer and Grammy winner, served as the executive music producers for 'NEON'.

Where was 'NEON' filmed?

'NEON' was filmed in Puerto Rico, adding an authentic backdrop to the series.

What can viewers expect from 'NEON'?

Viewers can expect a captivating and comedic exploration of the struggles and dreams of three friends trying to make it in the reggaeton industry.

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