NCT's 'Golden Age' tops Oricon's Weekly Album chart

Boy band NCT's latest album 'Golden Age' has taken the Japanese music scene by storm, reaching the No.1 spot on Oricon's Weekly Album chart. Released a month ago, this 10-track album has not only dominated domestic charts but also gained global recognition, including topping the iTunes Album Chart and Digital Album Sales chart on China's QQ Music.

Golden Age Album Dominates Japanese Music Chart

NCT's fourth full-length album 'Golden Age' takes the top spot on Japanese music chart Oricon's Weekly Album chart.

Since its release just a month ago, NCT's 'Golden Age' has been creating waves in the Japanese music scene, securing the No. 1 position on Oricon's Weekly Album chart. This achievement solidifies NCT's popularity and establishes their influence in the industry. The album's success both domestically and internationally demonstrates the global appeal of NCT's unique musical style and the unwavering support of their dedicated fanbase.

Achievements across Multiple Music Charts

NCT's 'Golden Age' claims top spots on various music charts worldwide.

NCT's 'Golden Age' has not only conquered the Japanese music chart, but it has also showcased its dominance across music charts worldwide. Shortly after its release, the album soared to the top of charts both in and outside of Korea. It secured the top spot on the coveted iTunes Album Chart and the Digital Album Sales chart on China's QQ Music, leaving no doubt about its massive popularity across borders.

The achievement of 'Golden Age' on international platforms demonstrates NCT's strong global presence. The diverse range of tracks on this 10-track album offers something for every music enthusiast, further cementing NCT's position in the competitive K-pop industry. With their unique sound and catchy melodies, NCT continues to captivate audiences worldwide and solidify their status as a formidable force.

A Powerhouse with Global Impact

NCT grows into a global phenomenon with immense popularity.

From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon, NCT has come a long way since their debut in 2016. With 23 talented members and five distinctive subunits under its umbrella, NCT has taken the music world by storm. Their dedicated fanbase, known as NCTzens or Czennies, remains remarkably devoted and actively supports their favorite group both online and offline.

NCT's global impact extends beyond music, with the group consistently participating in international performances, collaborations, and fan events. Their recent successful concerts in Japan, with a staggering 22,000 attendees, highlight the band's ability to captivate audiences from different corners of the world. NCT's rise to success is not just a testament to their musical talents but also showcases their remarkable charisma and ability to connect with fans.


NCT's fourth full-length album 'Golden Age' has achieved remarkable success and recognition in just one month since its release. Topping the Japanese music chart Oricon's Weekly Album chart is a testament to NCT's ever-growing popularity and their ability to captivate fans both domestically and internationally.

With their unique musical style, captivating performances, and dedicated fanbase, NCT has established itself as a global phenomenon. Their achievements on multiple music charts worldwide further solidify their position as a powerhouse in the K-pop industry. The future looks bright for NCT as they continue to enjoy immense success and make strides towards global dominance.


Why is 'Golden Age' album release significant for NCT?

The release of 'Golden Age' album is significant for NCT as it not only topped the Japanese music chart Oricon's Weekly Album chart but also achieved success on global platforms such as the iTunes Album Chart and Digital Album Sales chart on China's QQ Music. This underscores NCT's growing prominence and establishes their global impact in the music industry.

What sets NCT apart from other boy bands?

NCT stands out from other boy bands due to their unique concept of having 23 members and five subunits. Each subunit showcases different musical styles and talents, allowing NCT to explore a diverse range of sounds and concepts. This uniqueness has earned them a dedicated fanbase, known as NCTzens or Czennies, who support and love their favorite group for their individuality and versatility.

What does the future hold for NCT?

With their ongoing success and global recognition, the future looks bright for NCT. As they continue to release captivating music, engage in international activities, and expand their fanbase, NCT is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene. Fans can eagerly anticipate more exciting projects and achievements from this talented and versatile group.

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