Maruchan Unveils Fan-Inspired Anthem Celebrating Ramen Love

Maruchan, the producer of America's favorite instant ramen noodles, has released a love song dedicated to its loyal fanbase. This article explores the brand's new fan anthem and commercial, which celebrate the unique bond between Maruchan and its devoted community. Join us as we dive into the vibrant scenes, catchy beat, and mouthwatering product shots that make up this exciting campaign.

Maruchan's Fan Anthem: A Celebration of Ramen Love

Discover the catchy fan anthem and brand campaign that celebrates Maruchan's loyal community.

Maruchan has unveiled a fan-inspired song and brand campaign that pays tribute to its dedicated community of ramen lovers. The fan anthem captures the essence of Maruchan's flavorful instant noodles and the unique bond between the brand and its fans.

The commercial features vibrant scenes, mouthwatering product shots, and a catchy beat that sets the stage for the celebration of Maruchan's loyal fanbase. The lyrics of the anthem are pulled directly from fans' Tweets, comments, and posts, showcasing the love and creativity of the Maruchan community.

Honoring Maruchan's Dedicated Fans

Explore Maruchan's mission to recognize and appreciate its loyal fanbase.

Maruchan's Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mark Machino, explains that the brand's mission with the fan anthem is to honor their dedicated fans who recognize the superior quality and flavor of Maruchan's instant ramen noodles. The anthem serves as a thank you to the community for their continued support and engagement.

The campaign pulls direct quotes from Maruchan fans' social conversations and content, highlighting their love for the brand and their unique ways of expressing it, such as recipe hacks and fan art. This recognition of the fans' contributions further strengthens the bond between Maruchan and its dedicated community.

The Creation of Maruchan's Anthem Campaign

Learn about the creative process behind Maruchan's fan anthem campaign.

The Maruchan Anthem campaign was created in partnership with AMP Agency and award-winning director Ben Hansford. The agency worked closely with Maruchan to capture the essence of the brand and its community, aiming to spread the love to new consumers and expand Maruchan's core audience.

AMP Agency's Creative Director, John DeGray, shares that their partnership with Maruchan has allowed them to witness the brand's growth and the strong love from the community. The Anthem campaign focuses on creating a lyrical embodiment of what the Maruchan community loves about the brand, showcasing their creativity and passion.

A Comprehensive Marketing Plan to Support the Anthem

Discover the integrated marketing plan that accompanies Maruchan's fan anthem campaign.

In collaboration with Maruchan, AMP Agency has developed a comprehensive paid media plan that includes television, digital, streaming, and social media. This multi-channel approach ensures that the catchy theme song and the campaign reach a national audience, spreading the love for Maruchan even further.

The agency is also working with influencer partners on TikTok and Instagram to promote the anthem and engage with the fan community. Additionally, Maruchan has crafted special surprise merch kits for influencers and social media followers, further enhancing the excitement and engagement surrounding the campaign.

Maruchan is hosting ramen pop-up events at festivals in San Diego, Nashville, and San Antonio, creating a collaborative community experience. These events feature music, food, and a celebration of all things Maruchan. Local artists have been commissioned to create unique mural designs that showcase the creativity of the Maruchan community.

Bringing the Anthem to Life: Ramen Pop-Up Events

Experience the immersive ramen pop-up events that bring Maruchan's anthem to life.

Maruchan is taking the celebration of their fan anthem to the next level with immersive ramen pop-up events at festivals. The first event took place in San Diego, and upcoming events are scheduled in Nashville and San Antonio.

These pop-up events offer attendees a chance to experience the Maruchan community firsthand, with music, food, and a celebration of all things Maruchan. Local artists have been involved in creating unique mural designs that showcase the creativity and passion of the Maruchan fanbase.

At each event, attendees can enjoy fan-favorite ramen dishes created by talented chefs, as well as photo opportunities, games, giveaways, and more. The festivals provide the perfect platform for Maruchan to connect with their fans and create memorable experiences.

Join the Maruchan Community and Celebrate the Love for Ramen

Discover how you can become a part of the Maruchan community and celebrate the love for ramen.

If you're a fan of Maruchan or simply love ramen, there are several ways to get involved and join the Maruchan community. You can find the fan anthem on Maruchan's website or check out their social media channels for more information and updates on the brand and its campaigns.

Maruchan is also hosting social giveaways on their platforms, giving fans a chance to win specialty branded goodies. By participating in these giveaways and engaging with the Maruchan community, you can show your love for ramen and connect with fellow fans.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the world of Maruchan, now is the perfect time to join the community and celebrate the love for flavorful instant noodles. Discover the unique bond between Maruchan and its fans and become a part of the ramen love story.


Maruchan's fan anthem and brand campaign are a testament to the strong bond between the brand and its dedicated community. The catchy anthem, vibrant commercial, and immersive ramen pop-up events bring the love for Maruchan and flavorful instant noodles to life.

By honoring their loyal fans and recognizing their contributions, Maruchan has created a campaign that celebrates the creativity, passion, and love that the community has for the brand. Join the Maruchan community and be a part of the ramen love story.

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