Latin Music: The Rising Phenomenon That's Captivating Fans

Latin Music is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the US music market. With soaring revenues, skyrocketing streaming numbers, and dedicated fans, this vibrant genre is capturing the attention of both music industry professionals and listeners alike.

The Soaring Revenues of Latin Music

Dig into the impressive revenue growth of Latin Music in the US market.

Latin Music has experienced a remarkable surge in revenues in the US. According to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America (), in the first half of this year, Latin Music grossed a staggering USD $627 million, boasting a growth rate of 14.8% compared to the previous year.

The genre's share of overall US recorded music revenues also reached a new high of 7.5%, up from 7.1% in the first half of 2022.

The Streaming Phenomenon: Latin Music in Demand

Discover the explosive rise of Latin Music streaming in the US.

In the first 34 weeks of 2023, on-demand audio streaming of Latin Music in the US witnessed an astounding 22.2% YoY growth, with 57.9 billion streams, surpassing the 13.3% YoY increase in overall US streamed music.

Regional Mexican, being one of the most prominent genres, recorded a phenomenal 56% YoY growth, totaling 14.3 billion streams within the same period.

Latin Music Fans: A Devoted and Lucrative Community

Uncover the passionate loyalty and increased spending power of Latin Music super fans.

Latin Music super fans are a force to be reckoned with, as they spend an average of 30% more on music consumption compared to other music communities in the US

The loyalty of Latin Music super fans translates into their purchasing habits, with the data showing a 24% higher likelihood to wish for more merchandise options and a 21% higher likelihood to have purchased artist merchandise such as t-shirts and stickers in the past year.

The Shifting Landscape: Impact on the US Music Market

Explore the evolving dynamics of the US music market due to the surge of Latin Music.

The rise of Latin Music's popularity comes hand in hand with a shift in the US music market. Its market share has nearly doubled from 4.37% in 2021 to 7.9% in 2023, signaling a decrease in English-language music's dominance.

This shift in the music landscape reflects changing listening preferences, with 40% of music streamers in the US now engaging with non-English music. Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean have emerged as the top languages other than English.

The Promise of Creativity and Monetization

Unlock the opportunities for artists and music companies in the burgeoning Latin Music market.

The growth of Latin Music presents not only a challenge but also an incredible opportunity for the music industry.

With Latin Music super fans showcasing higher levels of passion, there are significant opportunities for increased monetization, from ticket sales and merchandise to improved direct-to-fan models.

By tapping into this enthusiastic community and embracing the diversity and multiculturalism of Latin Music, artists and music companies can forge ahead to new heights of success and prosperity.


Latin Music has established itself as a dominant force in the US music market, with soaring revenues, surging streaming numbers, and a fiercely devoted fan base.

The genre's explosive growth and the increasing relevance of non-English music signify a significant cultural shift and create opportunities for artists and music companies.

By leveraging the passion and loyalty of Latin Music super fans and embracing the diversity of the genre, the music industry can tap into a lucrative market and forge a path towards enhanced creativity, innovation, and financial success.

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