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The Tribune, a renowned newspaper with its origins dating back to 1881, has emerged as a reliable source of news and views in North India. With its commitment to impartial reporting and a moderation-based approach, it stands apart from others. Let's delve deeper into the legacy and influence of The Tribune.

Unveiling the Origins

Explore the fascinating beginnings of The Tribune

The Tribune, founded by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia in Lahore in 1881, holds a rich and intriguing history. Its establishment by a philanthropist emphasizes its roots in public service and the dissemination of knowledge in the region. From these humble beginnings, the newspaper has come a long way.

A Commitment to Unbiased Reporting

Discover The Tribune's dedication to impartial news coverage

At the heart of The Tribune's journalism lies a steadfast commitment to impartiality. This principle ensures that news and views are presented without any bias, allowing readers to form their own opinions based on unadulterated information. The newspaper prides itself on its reputation for fair reporting without favoring any particular group, ensuring informative and reliable news coverage.

In a media landscape often filled with agitational language and partisanship, The Tribune stands out for its moderation and restraint. Its aim is to provide readers with balanced news, keeping sensationalism at bay and focusing on facts and rational analysis. By following this ethical approach, The Tribune has garnered trust and respect in the journalistic sphere.

A Leading Voice in North India

Explore the popularity and influence of The Tribune

The Tribune has solidified its position as the largest selling English daily in North India. Its dedication to unbiased journalism and its commitment to providing reliable and quality content have made it a go-to source for readers seeking news and views. The newspaper's popularity can be attributed to its credibility and the trust it has built over several decades.

As a renowned publication in the region, The Tribune has become a leading voice, influencing public discourse and shaping opinions. Its extensive readership and prominence among intellectuals, academics, professionals, and the general public highlight its impact. The newspaper's ability to connect with its audience and provide relevant insights has cemented its place as a trusted and influential media outlet.

Expanding Reach: Punjabi Tribune and Dainik Tribune

Discover The Tribune's sister publications and the linguistic diversity they cater to

In addition to its flagship English publication, The Tribune has expanded its reach to cater to different language-speaking audiences. Punjabi Tribune, the Punjabi-language sister publication, delivers news and articles in Punjab's native language. This extension allows The Tribune to cater to Punjabi-speaking readers' specific preferences and ensure they have access to informed journalism in their language of choice.

The Hindi-speaking audience is also captivated by The Tribune through its Hindi-language sister publication, Dainik Tribune. Empowering Hindi-speaking readers with news and opinions that matter to them enhances The Tribune's inclusiveness and widens its impact. Together, these sister publications strengthen The Tribune's presence and influence across different linguistic zones, offering a comprehensive news experience.


The Tribune holds a proud legacy as a balanced and independent newspaper, delivering unbiased news and views to its readers. With a commitment to fairness, The Tribune has become a reliable source of information in North India, influencing public discourse and connecting with a wide range of readers. Its expansion into Punjabi and Hindi through its sister publications reflects its dedication to inclusivity and linguistic diversity. The Tribune continues to set a high standard for ethical journalism, contributing to an informed and engaged society.

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