Jungkook's Solo Single '3D' Takes the World by Storm on iTunes

BTS's Jungkook has set the music world ablaze with his sensational solo single '3D.' Embracing a throwback atmosphere reminiscent of mid-2000s hip-hop and dance styles, this chart-topping hit has taken iTunes by storm, claiming the number one spot in multiple countries and capturing the hearts of fans everywhere. Get ready to delve into the extraordinary journey of Jungkook's '3D' and witness its remarkable global impact.

Playlist Power: '3D' Tops the iTunes Song Chart

Witness the overwhelming popularity of '3D' as it takes reign at the top of the iTunes Song Chart across the globe.

'3D' by BTS's Jungkook has taken the music world by storm, claiming the number one spot on the worldwide iTunes Song Chart and dominating the European iTunes Song Chart for three consecutive days. From the moment of its release, this solo single captivated listeners with its nostalgic vibes rooted in mid-2000s hip-hop and dance styles.

Featuring rapper Jack Harlow, '3D' showcases Jungkook's aptitude for crafting a unique sound that resonates with global audiences. It comes as no surprise that this sensational release skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes charts in 105 countries and regions within minutes.

Global Triumph: '3D' Breaks Records Worldwide

Explore the incredible accomplishments of '3D' as it breaks records on various music platforms across the globe.

Not stopping at the iTunes charts, '3D' by Jungkook has shattered records on other platforms as well. It debuted at number three on Spotify's 'Daily Top Song Global' chart, accumulating over 6 million plays within a short span of time.

In addition, within just hours of its release, '3D' achieved an unprecedented 'all-kill' on iTunes, sealing the top spot simultaneously in eight major music markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. This triumph symbolized the global acclaim that has surrounded Jungkook and solidified K-pop's growing influence worldwide.

Selective Excellence: Recognized by Oricon Charts

Discover how '3D' garnered attention and secured the top spot on Japan's prestigious Oricon chart.

The success of '3D' extended beyond Western music platforms, earning recognition on Japan's renowned Oricon chart. This remarkable achievement came as no surprise, as Jungkook's skillful execution and captivating lyrics resonate deeply with Asian audiences as well.

Reigning supreme at the top of the 'Daily Digital Single Ranking' on Oricon, '3D' amassed an incredible number of downloads, solidifying Jungkook as not only a global sensation but also an influential figure within the Asian music scene.

'3D' Hits the Right Chord: Exploring Its Musical Brilliance

Uncover the captivating musical elements that make '3D' a masterpiece, while beholding its stunning official music video.

'3D' beautifully blends a throwback atmosphere steeped in mid-2000s hip-hop and dance music with Jungkook's mesmerizing vocals. Its nostalgic vibes evoke a sense of enchantment and familiarity, allowing listeners to embark on a musical journey like no other.

To complement the song's brilliance, the official music video for '3D' captivated millions of viewers within just two days. Surpassing 20 million views on YouTube, this visual masterpiece showcases the artistic expression that harmonizes seamlessly with Jungkook's musical prowess.


Jungkook's solo single '3D' has undoubtedly made its mark on the music industry, achieving remarkable success and conquering the iTunes charts worldwide. With its nostalgic hip-hop and dance vibes, '3D' captivates listeners and showcases Jungkook's immense talent as a solo artist.

Not only has '3D' showcased its global popularity and strong performance on various music platforms, but it has also broken records and reached remarkable milestones within hours of its release. The exceptional reception and overwhelming support from fans demonstrate the immense impact BTS and their members have on the music scene.

As '3D' continues to solidify its position at the top of charts, it symbolizes Jungkook's undeniable influence as a multifaceted artist and reinforces the ever-growing global phenomenon that is K-pop. This solo endeavor not only delights fans but also serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and impressive musical abilities of BTS's youngest member.

Through '3D,' Jungkook showcases his artistry and proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music landscape. As we eagerly anticipate future releases and milestones, there's no doubt that Jungkook will continue to dominate and revolutionize the music industry.


What is the genre of '3D'? Does it showcase a unique musical style?

'3D' by Jungkook encompasses a nostalgic atmosphere that inherits influences from mid-2000s hip-hop and dance music. Through this unique genre, he successfully captures a blend of stylish melodies and captivating beats, highlighting his versatility as an artist.

Did '3D' break any records on music platforms outside of iTunes?

Absolutely! Besides dominating the iTunes charts, '3D' achieved unprecedented success on other platforms as well. It debuted at number three on Spotify's 'Daily Top Song Global' chart and garnered millions of plays within a short timeframe. This exemplifies the widespread acclaim and recognition that Jungkook and his solo endeavors continue to achieve.

What is the significance of '3D' topping the Oricon chart in Japan?

'3D' reaching the top of Japan's Oricon chart exemplifies Jungkook's strong presence and popularity in the avid Asian music industry. Through his distinct style and captivating lyrics, Jungkook resonates with Asian audiences, establishing himself as an influential figure within the music landscape.

Is there an accompanying music video for '3D'? How was its reception?

Indeed, the official music video for '3D' accompanies the release, capturing the essence of the song. Within just two days of its release on YouTube, it amassed over 20 million views—an astounding achievement that signifies the captivating visuals and artistry displayed throughout the video.

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