James Johnston's 'Raised Like That': A Remarkable Journey in Australian Country Music

James Johnston's debut album 'Raised Like That' has taken the Australian country music scene by storm, making chart history and capturing the hearts of fans across the country. This article explores Johnston's remarkable journey, from his early days playing acoustic guitar in local pubs to his current success as a chart-topping artist. Join us as we delve into the story behind 'Raised Like That' and the incredible talent of James Johnston.

A Historic Chart Entry and Unprecedented Success

Discover how James Johnston's debut album 'Raised Like That' made chart history and achieved unparalleled success in the Australian country music scene.

James Johnston's 'Raised Like That' has made waves in the Australian country music industry, securing the highest entry on the ARIA Top 100 at #7. This remarkable achievement marks a historic moment for an Australian country music debut album. Not only did it reach #1 on the all-Australian and country charts, but it also became the largest Australian debut release, featuring an impressive 20 tracks.

Since the release of Johnston's first single, also titled 'Raised Like That,' his career has skyrocketed with unwavering support from social media, streaming platforms, radio, and live performances. Johnston reflects on his journey, from playing acoustic guitar in small pubs to now performing for thousands of fans in sold-out venues. His rise to success is a testament to his talent and the power of perseverance.

A Strategic Approach and a Dynamic Partnership

Explore the carefully planned strategy behind James Johnston's career and the dynamic partnership between Johnston and his manager, Beau Thomas.

Behind James Johnston's success lies a meticulously crafted strategy. From the beginning, the plan was to release a new single every few months, allowing Johnston to consistently engage with his growing fan base. This approach proved to be highly effective, as Johnston released ten singles leading up to the album's drop.

Beau Thomas, Johnston's manager, played a crucial role in shaping his career. Despite their contrasting personalities, Johnston and Thomas shared a common ambition and a deep passion for music. Their partnership, rooted in their shared background and drive, has been instrumental in Johnston's rapid rise to stardom.

An Album Fueled by Passion and Dedication

Delve into the making of 'Raised Like That' and the immense dedication and creativity that went into crafting each track.

James Johnston poured his heart and soul into the creation of 'Raised Like That.' The album features a total of 20 tracks, with nine of them written solely by Johnston himself. Collaborating with talented individuals such as Nolan Wynn, Michael DeLorenzis, Michael Paynter, Kaylee Bell, Jared Porter, Melanie Dyer, Zac, and George, Johnston has curated a collection of songs that resonate with his growing fan base.

Each track on the album offers a glimpse into Johnston's life and experiences, from the joy of childhood summers to the importance of family and the challenges of life on the road. 'Raised Like That' is a heartfelt tribute to country values and pays homage to the artists who have inspired Johnston throughout his career.

From Local Gigs to Festival Success

Witness James Johnston's journey from playing small local gigs to becoming a sought-after performer at major festivals.

James Johnston's talent and hard work have propelled him from playing cover songs in small pubs to gracing the stages of major festivals. Johnston's strategic approach to festival bookings, guided by his manager Beau Thomas, allowed him to select the right opportunities and make a lasting impact.

Throughout 2022, Johnston performed at 28 festivals and events, including the renowned CMC Rocks Queensland, where he captivated one of the festival's largest-ever daytime crowds. His infectious energy and the heartfelt lyrics of his songs resonated with thousands of fans, solidifying his status as a rising star in the country music scene.

International Recognition and Future Endeavors

Explore James Johnston's growing international recognition and his plans for expanding his fan base beyond Australia.

James Johnston's talent knows no bounds, as evidenced by his growing international recognition. His music has garnered millions of global streams, and he has amassed a dedicated following on platforms like Spotify and TikTok.

Looking ahead, Johnston and his team have set their sights on expanding his fan base beyond Australia. With plans to travel to the U.S., the U.K., and Europe, Johnston aims to make his mark on the international country music scene. Nashville has become a second home for Johnston, where he has collaborated with renowned songwriters and producers.


James Johnston's journey in the Australian country music scene is nothing short of extraordinary. From his historic chart entry with 'Raised Like That' to his captivating festival performances, Johnston has proven himself to be a rising star with immense talent and dedication.

With international recognition on the horizon and plans to expand his fan base beyond Australia, the future looks bright for James Johnston. His heartfelt lyrics, infectious energy, and strategic approach to his career have set him apart in the country music industry.

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