Humans of Hip Hop: Celebrating 50 Years of Musical Artistry

In honor of hip hop's Golden anniversary, MusiCares and Vivid Seats are teaming up to support the talented individuals who bring this iconic genre to life. From artists to stagehands, bus drivers to songwriters, their contributions make hip hop a cultural force to be reckoned with. Join us as we explore the needs of hip hop communities across eight key cities and provide important programming and assistance through MusiCares.

Supporting the Hip Hop Community: MusiCares and Vivid Seats

Learn about the collaborative effort between MusiCares and Vivid Seats to support the hip hop community.

With a deep appreciation for the roots and impact of hip hop, MusiCares and Vivid Seats have joined forces to provide essential support to the humans behind the music. Through their $1.5 million commitment, they offer assistance to artists, stagehands, songwriters, and other vital individuals who have faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This collaborative effort recognizes the contributions of the hip hop community and aims to ensure the safety, well-being, and equity for those involved. Together, MusiCares and Vivid Seats have developed services tailored to the unique needs of the hip hop industry. As leaders in the music industry, they understand the value of providing access to crucial programming and assistance.

Through their ongoing partnership, MusiCares and Vivid Seats have already made a significant impact by supporting music industry professionals affected by the pandemic and providing disaster relief. Now, their commitment to hip hop further demonstrates their dedication to the artistry and resilience of this extraordinary community.

Humans of Hip Hop:Archiving Stories from Eight Thriving Cities

Discover the Humans of Hip Hop project, which captures stories from vibrant hip hop communities in eight key cities.

The Humans of Hip Hop project is an innovative initiative by MusiCares working in partnership with hip hop leaders. This project aims to document the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of the individuals in the hip hop industry from eight key cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Unearthing the Local Gems

By highlighting the diverse voices and vibrant arts scenes of these cities, the Humans of Hip Hop project allows the world to see the depth and significance of their contributions to the genre. Each city has its own rich history and unique cultural tapestry, which will be carefully captured through this project.

The interviews and stories collected will reveal the intricate connections between the artists, industry professionals, and supporters in these communities. Through this project, the experiences, challenges faced by different generations, and the evolution of hip hop can all be celebrated and preserved.

Financial and Educational Programs for Hip Hop Artists

Explore the variety of financial and educational programs available to support hip hop artists.

Hip hop artists possess incredible talent and drive, but have faced significant obstacles in achieving financial stability and educational opportunities. To address these challenges, MusiCares and Vivid Seats have developed vital programs tailored to the specific needs of hip hop professionals.

Financial Assistance: Supporting Artists in Times of Need

Financial assistance programs provided by MusiCares offer short-term relief to help hip hop artists weather difficult times. This support can encompass a range of needs, including rent, utilities, medical expenses, car payments, and other personal expenses. By alleviating financial burdens, the aim is to provide artists with the stability necessary to continue creating their music and pursue their artistic visions.

Granting Access to Education and Professional Development

In addition to financial assistance, MusiCares and Vivid Seats are devoted to fostering the educational and professional growth of hip hop artists. Through scholarships, educational workshops, and mentorship programs, aspiring artists can gain valuable knowledge and access valuable resources to enhance their creative pursuits.

These initiatives create opportunities for hip hop artists to refine their craft, explore new avenues for creativity, and build strong networks within the industry. By investing in their education and growth, MusiCares and Vivid Seats champion the continued success and vitality of the hip hop community.

A Legacy of Support and Future Collaborations

Learn about the ongoing support provided by MusiCares and Vivid Seats to the hip hop community as well as their plans for future collaborations.

This marks only the beginning of MusiCares and Vivid Seats’ long-term commitment to the hip hop community. Through their partnership and the Humans of Hip Hop project, they will continue to develop support programs, create impactful initiatives, and champion the voices within the genre.

Furthermore, MusiCares and Vivid Seats will explore opportunities to collaborate with other organizations across the music industry to amplify their support. By leveraging their combined resources and networks, they aim to foster unity and promote artist longevity and success in a rapidly evolving landscape. 

Together, MusiCares and Vivid Seats are dedicated to ensuring that the incredible talent, narratives, and global impact of hip hop continue to thrive for future generations to come.


The celebration of hip hop's 50th anniversary brings forth a powerful realization - the immense influence of the humans behind the genre. MusiCares and Vivid Seats have embarked on a collaborative effort to support the hip hop community, recognizing the importance of safety, equity, and well-being for all involved.

Through their partnership, they are providing essential financial and educational programs tailored to the unique needs of hip hop artists, stagehands, songwriters, and more. The Humans of Hip Hop project amplifies the diverse voices from eight influential cities, archiving their stories for generations to come.

MusiCares and Vivid Seats embody a legacy of support, standing as advocates for the thriving hip hop community. They are dedicated to creating a vibrant future through their ongoing initiatives and collaborations within the music industry.


What support does MusiCares provide to the hip hop community?

MusiCares provides financial assistance programs for short-term relief and access to educational resources and professional development opportunities specifically tailored to the needs of hip hop artists.

What cities are included in the Humans of Hip Hop project?

The Humans of Hip Hop project captures stories and experiences from hip hop communities in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

How can I get involved with supporting the hip hop community?

To support the hip hop community, you can reach out to organizations like MusiCares and explore opportunities to contribute financially, volunteer, or engage with mentorship and educational programs.

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