Fuzzy Meadows: The Week's Best New Music (September 18th - October 1st) — POST-TRASH

Welcome to FUZZY MEADOWS, our weekly recap of this week's new music. From avant-garde hip-hop to dreamy pop, we're sharing our favorite releases of the week. Check out the albums, singles, and music videos that have caught our attention. Support the artists you love and dive into the world of new music.

Armand Hammer | “We Buy Diabetic Test Strips” LP

Explore the avant-garde hip-hop sound of Armand Hammer's latest album.

Armand Hammer, consisting of ELUCID and billy woods, has been reshaping the sound of modern hip-hop with their unique style. Their latest album, “We Buy Diabetic Test Strips,” released via Fat Possum, takes avant-garde production to new heights. The duo's cosmic verses are perfectly complemented by experimental soundscapes. Dive into the world of Armand Hammer and discover the heart and family at the core of their music.

Crumb & Melody’s Echo Chamber | “Le Temple Volant”

Experience the dreamy collaboration between Crumb and Melody's Echo Chamber.

Crumb and Melody's Echo Chamber have joined forces for the single “Le Temple Volant.” Their shared musical DNA shines through in this jazzy, complex, and nuanced dream pop track. With mesmerizing grooves and surreal arrangements, their voices intertwine over swirling synths, creating a truly stunning and otherworldly experience. Immerse yourself in the cosmic soundscape of Crumb and Melody's Echo Chamber.

June McDoom | “Emerald River Dance” (Judee Sill cover)

Discover June McDoom's beautiful rendition of Judee Sill's “Emerald River Dance.”

June McDoom, known for her unique vision of folk music with touches of psych and AM gold reggae, returns with her EP “With Strings.” Featuring a string quintet accompanying McDoom and her bandmate Evan Wright, the EP showcases her stunning covers and original songs. McDoom's ethereal vocals, combined with harp, acoustic guitars, and sweeping violins, bring new meaning to Judee Sill's folk song. Let the warmth and ease of “Emerald River Dance” transport you to a place of vivid dualities.

Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band | “Let It Stream” LP

Embark on a visionary trip through Nolan Potter's wildest expanse.

Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band takes you on a psychedelic and indulgent journey with their album “Let It Stream.” Recorded as a live-in-studio performance, the band's line-up shift has resulted in deeper compositions and cavernous grooves. This odyssey of prog rock excess pushes boundaries while maintaining focus and direction. Tune in, drop out, and let your mind wander as Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band envelopes you in their wild and imaginative world.

Pile | “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon”

Delve into Pile's exceptional b-side, “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon.”

Pile's latest single, “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon,” showcases their talent for selecting exceptional b-sides. This momentous track evolves from start to finish, with disorienting synths and a meandering drum beat. The band skids and slides through the mesmerizing atmosphere, intensifying with sparse keys and raw vocal melodies. Pile's lyrics are detached yet biting, creating a song that stands on its own. Get ready to be captivated by Pile's “The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon.”

Puppy Problems | “Winter In Fruitland” LP

Immerse yourself in Puppy Problems' fragility and personal songwriting.

Puppy Problems returns with their second album, “Winter In Fruitland.” Sami Martasian's songwriting is beautifully simple yet evocative, with lyrics that touch on everyday objects and memories. The album, recorded at Big Nice Studio, captures Puppy Problems' unique blend of folk and pop with a focus on Martasian's timeless vocals. Experience the fragility and personal nature of Puppy Problems' music and let yourself be transported to their world.

Roper Williams | “Infinite Victory Loop” LP

Explore the left-field hip-hop sound of Roper Williams' latest album.

Roper Williams' album “Infinite Victory Loop” is a left-field hip-hop classic in the making. With a collection of unique MCs and gospel-influenced beats, the album is a non-stop highlight reel. Each verse is as colorful as the production, creating a harmonious and dazzling collaboration. Dive into the visionary world of Roper Williams and experience their evocative loops and captivating rhymes.

Spllitt | “Gemini Moods (Return)”

Experience the psychedelic and art rock brilliance of Spllitt's new album.

Spllitt's new album “Infinite Hatch” is a vibrant journey into their strange brilliance and alien construction. With prog-tinged psych, egg punk, and wiggly art rock influences, their music is a carnival of analog wonder. “Gemini Moods” showcases their dissonant strokes and spidery rhythms, balanced by unusual pop charm. Each moment counts in Spllitt's mesmerizing and layered soundscapes.

Stress Positions “How To Get Ahead”

Immerse yourself in Stress Positions' hardcore sound and raw lyrics.

Stress Positions, formed after the dissolution of C.H.E.W., brings a furious and unapologetic approach to hardcore music. Their full-length debut album, “Harsh Reality,” captures their primal tension and carnage. The band's stampeding rhythms and megalithic riffs are complemented by raw and biting lyrics. Brace yourself for a violent and commanding performance from Stress Positions as they break boundaries and push the genre to new heights.

Tundrastomper | “What's The Difference?”

Discover the basement punk tinged prog of Tundrastomper's latest album.

Tundrastomper's album “Less More” showcases their unique blend of basement punk and prog. With dizzyingly technical yet sweet sound, their music captivates listeners. The album's dissonant strokes and intricate rhythms are balanced by their dreamy good vibes. Get ready to be transported to Tundrastomper's world of math rock and art pop.


Discovering new music is an exciting journey, and this week's recap has highlighted some of the best releases across various genres. From avant-garde hip-hop to dreamy pop, these artists have pushed boundaries and created captivating sounds. Dive into their music, support the artists you love, and explore the vibrant world of new music.


Why is it important to support new music?

Supporting new music is crucial because it allows artists to continue creating and sharing their unique sounds. By buying their music and spreading the word, you contribute to their success and enable them to keep making the music you love.

How can I find more new music?

There are several ways to discover new music. You can explore music blogs, follow curated playlists on streaming platforms, attend local shows and festivals, or simply ask friends for recommendations. Don't be afraid to venture into different genres and explore artists you may not have heard of before.

What should I consider when supporting new artists?

When supporting new artists, it's important to not only listen to their music but also engage with their social media platforms, attend their shows, and purchase their merchandise. Additionally, sharing their music with your friends and on social media helps to expand their reach and gain new fans.

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