Feid and his Inner Circle Share Key Marketing Tips at Billboard Latin Music Week

Colombian artist Feid and his team unveil the secrets behind 'The Marketing of Ferxxo' at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Week. Joined by his inner circle, including his producer, manager, sister, lead guitarist, and marketing strategist, Feid shares invaluable insights on authenticity, dreaming big, and building a unified team. Discover the powerful marketing concepts that have propelled Feid towards success in the Latin music industry.

1. Less goes a long way

Discover the power of simplicity in your marketing strategies.

In the words of Feid himself, "The best ideas are those that don't need a budget." Embracing a minimalist approach can be highly effective in capturing the attention and interest of your target audience. By focusing on the core message and eliminating distractions, you can create impactful marketing campaigns.

Instead of relying solely on a flashy production, prioritize connecting with your audience on a deeper level. Find creative ways to communicate your brand identity and convey your message authentically.

2. Be authentic

Unlock the power of authenticity to establish genuine connections with your audience.

Feid highlights the importance of being genuine and emphatic. By embracing one's true self, artists and musicians can foster a stronger connection with their fans. Furthermore, this translates into an impactful social media strategy.

In a world where people crave authenticity, showcasing your real personality can attract a dedicated and loyal following. Feel inspired to let your true self shine, bringing your audience closer to your journey and making them feel like a part of it.

3. Dream big

Unleash the power of dreaming to propel your success forward.

According to Feid's manager, Luis Villamizar, dreaming is the foundation of great ideas. By allowing yourself to dream big, you can tap into your ingenuity and unlock creative solutions to propel your music career forward.

Discussing your dreams with your team can lead to an electrifying synergy where opportunities and possibilities are realized. Dreaming creates a vision that sets you on the path to success.

4. Have faith

Explore the role of faith and positivity in building a successful music career.

During the panel, Feid explained the symbolism behind the color green, representing hope, progress, and faith in the success of his projects. Having belief in oneself and the support of a dedicated team helps attract positive outcomes.

Whether through incorporating symbols or maintaining a positive mindset, reflect on how faith can shape your overall marketing strategy and navigate you through challenges, bolstering your determination and inspiring your audience to believe in your vision.

5. Build a team

Understand the importance of teamwork in achieving extraordinary milestones.

Feid likens the process of creating music to a soccer team, emphasizing the value of unity and collective effort. Recognize the strength that a unified team brings to the table, fostering a harmonious collaboration between like-minded individuals sharing a common goal.

By acknowledging the contributions of each team member and celebrating successes together, you foster a supportive environment that enables unparalleled creativity and growth.

6. Be persistent

Uncover the secret behind Feid's unwavering persistence.

A fellow collaborator, Pedro Mejía, recognizes Feid's persistence as the cornerstone of his success. Throughout his career, Feid displayed formidable determination, honing his melodic style and pursuing his artistic vision with unwavering commitment.

Perseverance can become a driving force in your own creative journey. Embrace the challenges, face them head-on, and harness your dedication to create something truly extraordinary.


Feid and his inner circle provided invaluable insights into 'The Marketing of Ferxxo' at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Week. By embracing simplicity, authenticity, dreaming big, and building a strong team, Feid has navigated the industry with remarkable success.

Furthermore, Feid's unwavering persistence and faith have been crucial in his journey. These key marketing tips can be applied by aspiring artists and musicians to connect with their audience on a deeper level and carve out their unique place in the Latin music industry.

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