Fall Music to Keep You Rocking: Discover the New Releases and Halloween Jams This Season

Welcome to the world of music curated by Hunter Jackson. As the season changes, new melodies fill the air and Hunter is here to guide you through the hottest tracks and Halloween classics. From Sia's infectious song 'Gimme Love' to the latest offerings from Nicki Minaj and the Rolling Stones, get ready to update your playlists with the best tunes Fall has to offer. And of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without the ultimate jam 'Thriller' by the iconic Michael Jackson. So, let's dive in and elevate your music experience!

Top Releases to Add to Your Playlist

Discover the must-hear songs from the biggest artists this Fall

When it comes to Fall music, there's a wave of excitement in the air as artists unleash their new creations for us to indulge in.

Sia is back with her infectious track, 'Gimme Love', which is sure to get you grooving to its addicting beats. Nicki Minaj returns to grace us with her talent and charm in 'Last Time I Saw You', delivering her trademark rhymes with impeccable style.

The legendary Rolling Stones, known for their timeless rock hits, are going to hit us with both a new album and an captivating song. It's time to turn up the volume and let Mick Jagger's vocals take you on a wild ride.

The Country music scene roars as Luke Combs blesses us with his soulful voice through two tracks - 'Fast Car' and 'Two Dozen Roses'. These heartfelt songs are bound to strike a chord and make you feel all the emotions they carry.

A dose of R&B is also in store with a blazing comeback from Usher. Get ready for his much-awaited Super Bowl performance and the release of his new album where he showcases his mesmerizing vocals and dance moves.

Spicy Sounds for Halloween

Creep up your Halloween playlist with these ghoulishly good hits

Halloween isn't just about costumes and candy, it's also the perfect time to get in the mood with some haunting melodies that resonate with the season.

For some fun vibes to lift your spirits, you can't go wrong with Ray Parker Jr.'s timeless hit 'Ghostbusters'.

Dive deep into the spooky realm with the one and only Michael Jackson and his iconic song 'Thriller'. This masterpiece takes you on an eerie journey, combined with Jackson's unmatched talent for storytelling through music.

And if you're looking for something new and unexpected this Halloween, check out the fantastical mashup of Nicki Minaj's energy and the catchy tune of 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua, sprinkled with a hint of the Spice Girls. Expect a blend of nostalgia and fresh vibes to make your Halloween night unforgettable.

So, get ready to unleash your inner dancing ghoul and rock the night away to these horrifyingly good tracks!


As Fall brings a fresh burst of energy, the music scene lights up with new releases and Halloween jams to spice up your playlists. From the mesmerizing melodies of Sia to the captivating rhythms of Nicki Minaj, there is a wide range of songs to explore and enjoy. The legendary Rolling Stones are back with their timeless rock sound, while Luke Combs’ heartfelt country tunes will surely strike a chord. And let's not forget the electrifying comeback of Usher, who is ready to dazzle us with his voice and moves. But it wouldn't be Halloween without the ghostly tunes of Ray Parker Jr. and the chilling magic of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. So prepare yourself for a Fall filled with remarkable music and Halloween festivities!

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