DJ Tyler Marin: Bringing the Beats and Energy to Baruch College Events

Get ready to experience the pulsating beats and infectious energy of DJ Tyler Marin, the driving force behind the electrifying music that sets the stage for unforgettable events at Baruch College. Born and raised in Queens, Marin's passion for music was nurtured in a household filled with diverse genres and cultures. With a mix of hip hop, reggaetón, classic rock, and R&B, Marin's music taste reflects the melting pot of influences that shaped his upbringing. Let's dive into the journey of this talented DJ and discover how he has become an integral part of the Baruch College community, spreading joy and creating unforgettable memories through the power of music.

Discovering a Passion for Music

Explore DJ Tyler Marin's journey of discovering his passion for music and how his diverse upbringing in Queens shaped his eclectic taste.

From a young age, DJ Tyler Marin was immersed in a musical environment. Growing up in a Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan household in Queens, he was exposed to a wide range of music genres and cultures. His parents, with their love for Latin and English music, introduced him to the vibrant sounds that would later become the foundation of his DJing career.

Following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a DJ in his youth, Marin began experimenting with DJ equipment at the age of 13. Although he admits to initially being terrible at it, he persevered with the guidance and support of his father. Through countless hours of practice and honing his skills, Marin gradually developed his own unique style and began performing in front of friends and eventually securing his first gig at a promotional event in Brooklyn.

The Rise of DJ Tyler Marin

Uncover how DJ Tyler Marin's journey at Baruch College paved the way for his success as a DJ, from his involvement with the college's radio station to becoming a sought-after DJ for various events.

During his time at Baruch College, Marin's passion for music continued to grow. As a freshman, he found his way to WBMB, the college's radio station, where he hosted radio shows and connected with fellow music enthusiasts. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Marin adapted and continued hosting radio shows through Zoom, ensuring that the music never stopped playing.

As Baruch College reopened for in-person activities, Marin seized the opportunity to establish himself on campus as the go-to DJ for school and club events. His electrifying sets and ability to bring people together through music quickly gained recognition, leading to opportunities to DJ at other CUNY schools, private events, lounges, and various venues across the tri-state area.

Mastering the Art of DJing

Delve into the behind-the-scenes world of DJ Tyler Marin and discover the multitasking skills and dedication required to create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Being a DJ is more than just playing music. It requires careful planning, coordination, and an understanding of the audience's preferences. Marin's role as a DJ goes beyond simply selecting tracks; he must match the event's theme, keep the crowd's energy high, make announcements, and manage the remaining time.

Additionally, being a successful DJ involves marketing and building a personal brand. Marin invests time and effort into creating a logo, developing merchandise, and making connections within the industry. It's a labor of love that requires hours of dedication and a commitment to delivering quality experiences.

The Power of Music to Unite

Experience the electrifying energy and the diverse range of music genres that DJ Tyler Marin brings to his sets, creating a sense of unity and joy among his audience.

Specializing in Latin music, Marin's sets are a fusion of merengue, salsa, bachata, and reggaetón. However, he also takes the time to explore and incorporate music from various cultures, ensuring that his sets cater to the diverse demographics of his audience.

Marin believes that music has the power to bring people together, and he takes his role as a DJ seriously. The rush of energy he feels when the crowd is united and the music is pulsating is what drives him to deliver unforgettable experiences at every event he DJs.

Gratitude and Future Aspirations

Learn about the mentors and experiences that have shaped DJ Tyler Marin's journey, and discover his hopes for the future as he continues to pursue his passion for music.

Marin is grateful for the tough love and constructive criticism he received from his father, who played a significant role in shaping his DJing skills. He also credits Chris Mambo, a mentor who provided him with the opportunity to be on New York radio station X96.3 FM, for his growth as a DJ.

Currently working for SiriusXM and continuing to DJ at various events, Marin hopes to carve out a long-lasting career in the music industry. For him, DJing is not just a job; it's a lifelong passion that he believes cannot be retired from. He encourages other creatives to pursue their passions, emphasizing the importance of work ethic and determination in achieving success.


DJ Tyler Marin's journey is a testament to the power of passion and determination. From his humble beginnings in Queens to becoming the driving force behind the electrifying music at Baruch College events, Marin has proven that music has the ability to unite people and create unforgettable experiences.

With his diverse music taste and the ability to cater to different genres and cultures, Marin has established himself as a sought-after DJ in the tri-state area. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his infectious energy, has made him a favorite among audiences of all backgrounds.

As Marin continues to pursue his passion for music, he remains grateful for the mentors and experiences that have shaped his journey. With his sights set on a long-lasting career in the music industry, there is no doubt that DJ Tyler Marin will continue to bring the beats and energy to audiences around the world.

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