Discovering New Music: A Weekly Roundup of Fresh Tracks

Welcome to the weekly roundup of newly released songs across various genres. Join me, Michael Edwards, as I share a diverse selection of fresh tracks worth exploring. From the retro rock 'n' roll vibes of Jen Razavi to the delicate folk melodies of Sufjan Stevens, there's something for everyone. Let's dive into the world of music and discover the hidden gems that await.

Jen Razavi (The Bombpops) – “Bender”

Embrace retro rock 'n' roll vibes with Jen Razavi's latest single.

Jen Razavi of The Bombpops brings a refreshing blend of retro rock 'n' roll and girl group vibes in her newly released single.

Produced by the renowned Will Yip, “Bender” showcases Razavi's catchy melodies and dynamic vocals, transporting listeners to a nostalgic musical landscape.

Indulge in the energetic guitar riffs and infectious hooks as Razavi's radiant persona shines through each well-crafted verse and chorus. Stay tuned for more rockin' tunes from this talented artist.

Sufjan Stevens – “A Running Start”

Delicate and pastoral folk by Sufjan Stevens from his upcoming album.

As a final advance single from his new album [album name] anticipated to release this Friday, Sufjan Stevens delivers a masterpiece with “A Running Start.”

Immerse yourself in this delicate and introspective folk track, filled with Stevens' signature thought-provoking lyrics and tender instrumentals.

With a serene ambiance and captivating storytelling, “A Running Start” transports listeners to a tranquil landscape where creativity and escapism intertwine.

Laura Veirs – “Creatures of a Day”

Gorgeously intimate soundscapes from Laura Veirs' upcoming album.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Laura Veirs' enchanting mastery as she unveils “Creatures of a Day” from her highly anticipated album [album name].

Recorded at home, this introspective and introsive track serves as a soulful journey delving into the vast emotions of human existence.

Veirs' haunting vocals coupled with delicate acoustic arrangements create a hypnotic atmosphere, enticing listeners to linger in each poignant moment.

Lo(u)ser – “If You Find Me” (ft. Super Cassee)

A collaboration filled with ska-punk fun.

Lo(u)ser's upbeat and infectious ska-punk style gets an added taste of energy with their latest collaboration “If You Find Me,” featuring the talented Super Casseette.

Dive into the rollicking fusion of energetic brass lines, irresistible guitar hooks, and a lively rhythm section that exude contagious fun.

“If You Find Me” serves as a testament to the rowdy and joyful spirit of ska-punk, leaving listeners craving more of Lo(u)ser's invigorating sound.

Butcher Brown – “Move (Ride)” (ft. Jay Prince)

A hypnotizing blend of jazz and hip-hop.

Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of jazz and hip-hop with Butcher Brown's latest single “Move (Ride),” featuring the slick rhymes of rapper Jay Prince.

Get ready to groove to the funky basslines, hypnotizing grooves, and infectious beats that serve as the backbone for Prince's agile wordplay.

This musical marriage showcases Butcher Brown's knack for creating irresistible and propulsive sounds that leave a lasting impression with their listeners.

Norah Jones & Margaret Glaspy – “Get Back”

An enchanting collaboration filled with beauty and depth.

Jazz singer Norah Jones and folk singer Margaret Glaspy join forces in a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Get Back.”

This enthralling collaboration, born during their time together on Norah Jones' podcast, [podcast name], showcases their unique vocal talents blending harmoniously.

With a delicate balance of Jones' lush tones and Glaspy's poignant phrasing, this rendition brilliantly captures the introspection and depth inherent in Glaspy's new album [album name]. Brace yourself for an auditory feast that will stir the soul.


Music is an ever-evolving landscape, constantly surprising us with new sounds and artists. Through this weekly roundup, we explored a variety of genres and discovered hidden gems worth adding to our playlists.

From the retro rock 'n' roll vibes of Jen Razavi to the delicate folk melodies of Sufjan Stevens, each track offered a unique and captivating experience. Laura Veirs' intimate soundscapes and Lo(u)ser's ska-punk fun transported us to different musical realms.

Butcher Brown's jazz-infused hip-hop and the enchanting collaboration between Norah Jones and Margaret Glaspy showcased the sheer beauty of blending genres and voices.


Can you recommend more tracks within the folk genre?

Certainly! In addition to Sufjan Stevens and Laura Veirs, artists like Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, and Bon Iver offer captivating folk music worth exploring.

Do these artists have upcoming tours?

While specific tour information could change, checking the official websites and social media pages of these artists will provide the most up-to-date information on any upcoming tours they may have.

Where can I find more music recommendations?

Consider exploring music blogs, online music magazines, streaming platforms' recommendation features, or engage with music communities to discover a diverse range of artists and genres.

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