Discover the Latest Music Releases: Angel With a Broken Wing, Threatened by Machines, and Blackberry Widow

Welcome to the world of music! In this article, we will take a closer look at the latest releases from Mark LeGrand and Sarah Munro, Threatened by Machines, and Sulk Fangs. Get ready to immerse yourself in their captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Angel With a Broken Wing: A Lament for Mother Nature

Explore the captivating title track of Mark LeGrand and Sarah Munro's latest release.

Mark LeGrand and Sarah Munro kick off their latest release, Angel With a Broken Wing, with a title track that serves as a heartfelt lament for Mother Nature. The lyrics, sung by Munro, express the need for change to protect our environment and the beauty of the natural world.

LeGrand revealed that he started writing this love song to the Earth nearly 30 years ago, making its release in the current climate crisis all the more timely. The track resonates with listeners, particularly in the wake of recent natural disasters.

Threatened by Machines: Eclectic and Unpredictable

Discover the self-titled debut album from Threatened by Machines, a Burlington-based musician.

Threatened by Machines' self-titled debut album showcases the eclectic and hard-to-pin-down songwriting of Sture Nelson. From indie rock to prog to David Bowie-esque almost-pop, Nelson explores a wide range of genres and influences.

With contributions from talented musicians such as Greg Matses, Chris Gribnau, and Susan Henry, Nelson creates a sonic landscape filled with layers of synths, programmed drums, and various instruments. The result is a wild and occasionally unpredictable listen that showcases Nelson's unique songwriting style.

Blackberry Widow: Emotive Indie Folk

Delve into the emotive indie folk sound of Sulk Fangs' latest release, Blackberry Widow.

Sulk Fangs, the folk-rock project of Burlington singer-songwriter Matt Bushlow, presents a collection of straightforward indie folk in their EP, Blackberry Widow. With harmony vocals from Aya Inoue and the melodic sounds of lap steel guitar from Tyler George-Minetti, Bushlow crafts a captivating listening experience.

The title track sets the tone with its nostalgic and melodic ambience, while songs like 'I Knew' delve into the intoxicating emotions of a new love affair. The EP closes with a stirring cover of Tim Hardin's 'If I Were a Carpenter,' showcasing Bushlow's influences and musical prowess.


In this article, we explored the latest music releases from Mark LeGrand and Sarah Munro, Threatened by Machines, and Sulk Fangs. Each artist brings a unique sound and perspective to their music, captivating listeners with their heartfelt lyrics and diverse musical styles.

From the poignant title track of Angel With a Broken Wing to the eclectic and unpredictable debut album from Threatened by Machines, and the emotive indie folk of Sulk Fangs' Blackberry Widow, these releases offer something for every music lover.

Whether you're a fan of country, indie rock, or folk, these albums are worth a listen. Dive into their captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, and discover your new favorite songs.

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