Celebrate the Global Village With a Musical Journey

Join Michael Edwards on a captivating musical adventure through Global Village, a spellbinding radio show that unveils the rich tapestry of world music. Engage with the melodic wonders from diverse cultures, delivered through the smooth and insightful lens of this esteemed host. From the entrancing rhythms of India to the harmonious melodies of German world bands, let Global Village transport you to the colorful soundscapes of our global community.

Savor the Music of India on Gandhi Day

Discover the enchanting melodies of India as Global Village celebrates Gandhi Day. Delve into an eclectic mix of legendary musicians like Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar, and mesmerizing fusion from Vijay Iyer and the Taal Tantra Experience.

Immerse yourself in the joyful vibrations of Indian music as Global Village commemorates Gandhi Day, a national holiday in India and the UN-designated International Day of Non-Violence. Through the mesmerizing sounds of iconic artists such as Ravi Shankar and his talented daughter Anoushka Shankar, and the captivating Indian-jazz fusion of Vijay Iyer and the Taal Tantra Experience, you'll be transported to the vibrant and cultural landscapes of India.

Feel the passion and beauty in each note as the soulful music encapsulates the ideals of tolerance, peace, and unity championed by Mahatma Gandhi. Celebrate the harmonious confluence of India's rich traditions with a renewed appreciation for global cultures.

Experience the magic of Ravi Shankar's sitar, the intricate rhythms of tabla, and the soul-stirring vocals that accompany these expressions of deep emotion. This celebration of Gandhi Day serves as a vibrant reminder of the power of music to bring people together and transcend cultural boundaries.

Embark on a Musical Journey Through Germany on Unity Day

Indulge in the vibrant world of German music as Global Village commemorates German Unity Day. Delight in the genre-defying sounds of artists ranging from the pioneering Dissidenten to the iconic Kraftwerk.

Witness the musical extravaganza that Germany has to offer as Global Village celebrates German Unity Day, a holiday that commemorates the reunification of East and West Germany. Unleash your ears to a diverse soundscape, featuring German world bands like Dissidenten, layered prog-rock of Can, and Berlin's colorful 17 Hippies.

Delve into the eclectic and experimental sounds that have emerged from Germany's music scene, broadening horizons and known for pushing boundaries. Experience the unique cultural fusion, deeply rooted in traditions, while embracing new and innovative musical landscapes that showcase Germany's fascinating journey of unification and diversity.

Let the pulsating rhythms of German reggae artist Jahcoustix, the mesmerizing brass sounds of Koeln's Schäl Sick Brass Band, and the revolutionary electronic beats of Kraftwerk's iconic "Autobahn" transport you to the heart of Germany's rich cultural heritage. Discover a whole new world of music that embodies the spirit of unity and artistic expression.

Celebrate World Animal Day with a Melodic Ode

Honoring World Animal Day, Global Village serenades listeners with an array of animal-themed songs. Explore the musical landscape, featuring delightful melodies from Adrian Belew, Roaring Lion, Buena Vista Social Club, and more.

Step into the enchanting universe of music as Global Village embraces the splendor of World Animal Day. Celebrated globally to raise awareness about animal welfare, this event offers a unique opportunity to pause and appreciate the diverse animal kingdom through the transformative power of music.

Embark on a sonorous journey that pays tribute to the wonders of nature, with musical expressions inspired by the animal world. Experience the enchanting melodies of Adrian Belew's animal-focused marvels, witness the roaring Lion capturing vibrant rhythms, and sway along with the Buena Vista Social Club's infectious tunes celebrating Cuba's harmonious coexistence with its fauna.

Indulge in the rhythmic wonders of animal-themed melodies from across the globe, igniting a profound connection with the natural world. With their eruptive energy, these songs serve as a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity and the enchanting marvels of the animal kingdom, echoed through riveting musical expressions.

Experience the Soul-Stirring Artistry of Fado on Portugal Republic Day

In honor of Portugal Republic Day, Global Village embraces the spirit of fado. Immerse yourself in the melancholic beauty of this captivating music genre, showcasing the soulful voices of Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza, and rising star Raquel Tavares.

On Portugal Republic Day, join Global Village as it honors the captivating genre of fado. Often likened to the blues, fado is a form of expressive music characterized by its poignant melodies and poetic lyrics. Take a melodic pilgrimage to the streets of Lisbon and Coimbra, captivating cities where fado thrives.

Listen to the hypnotic voices and lush guitar accompaniments that evoke both sorrows and joys of loved and lost. From the iconic and legendary Amalia Rodrigues to contemporary torchbearers such as Mariza and Raquel Tavares, be captivated by their heartfelt interpretations of life's joys and hardships.

Indulge in the timeless artistry of fado, a symbol of Portuguese culture and heritage known for its emotional depth and raw authenticity. Experience the hauntingly beautiful melodies that have captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, painting a vivid mural of emotions across time and space.

Discover Fresh International Sounds with New Month/New Music Showcase

Journey into the captivating world of world music with Global Village's New Month/New Music showcase. Delight in a compilation of recently released albums from music icons such as Ivan Lins and Pete Escovedo, as well as exciting new talents Tajikistan's rare sounds and the Brazilian mastermind Roberto Menescal.

Buckle up for a thrilling musical adventure as Global Village presents New Month/New Music, a handpicked selection of recently released and upcoming world music albums. Delve into an astonishing breadth of captivating sounds from various corners of the world.

Explore the artistic expressions of renowned Latin percussionist Pete Escovedo, whose career retrospective showcases his mastery of rhythm and groove. Sail through the quarter-tone guitar marvels of Jan W Outer Quantity, supercharged by Middle Eastern influences that create an intoxicating sonic experience.

Embark on a treasure hunt with Tajikistan's rare musical gems, treasured for their rich tapestry of sounds. Feel the decadent nostalgia created by legendary Brazilian singer Ivan Lins and immerse yourself in the celebratory atmospheres crafted by iconic Brazilian composer Roberto Menescal. Brace yourself for a musical feast that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of world music.


Global Village, hosted by Michael Edwards, offers an enchanting voyage into the breathtaking world of world music. From the mesmerizing melodies of India to the soul-stirring rhythms of Portugal's fado, each episode unveils the rich tapestry of global sounds, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation.

Join Michael Edwards on an immersive musical adventure, where the boundaries of language and location dissolve, giving rise to a shared experience of harmonious inspiration. Whether tuning in to a special celebration or discovering new releases through New Month/New Music, Global Village is a gateway to an exquisite symphony of world music.


How can I listen to Global Village?

You can catch the Global Village broadcast at its scheduled time via your local NPR station or tune in to the live stream on the KMUW website. Additionally, episodes are also archived on the KMUW website, allowing you to revisit your favorite episodes at any time.

Is Global Village suitable for all music enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Global Village curates a diverse range of global sounds that appeal to music lovers of all backgrounds and tastes. Whether you're a World Music aficionado or just beginning to explore the enchanting melodies of different cultures, Global Village promises to captivate, educate, and foster a deeper appreciation of international music.

Can I request specific genres or artists on Global Village?

While Global Village showcases a wide variety of genres and global music, specific requests are typically not accommodated. The show's carefully curated episodes aim to provide a well-rounded and diverse musical experience for listeners. However, you can always reach out to host Michael Edwards or the KMUW website to suggest artists or genres that you would like to see featured in future episodes.

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