Becky G's 'Esquinas': A Captivating Album Connecting to Mexican Heritage

Becky G's latest album 'Esquinas' is a mesmerizing musical journey that resonates deeply with her Mexican heritage. With this remarkable collection of 13 tracks, Becky G pays tribute to her roots and offers listeners a glimpse into her personal and artistic evolution. Filled with heartfelt emotions and authentic Mexican flavors, 'Esquinas' stands as a captivating masterpiece that immerses listeners in a world of vibrant music and cultural significance.

Introduction to 'Esquinas'

Unveiling the essence of Becky G's latest album

In this sub-heading, we'll delve into the heart of Becky G's album 'Esquinas.' Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the tracks that encapsulate the essence of her Mexican heritage and artistic growth.

Honoring Mexican Roots

Celebrate the deep connection to Mexican heritage in the album

'Esquinas' allows Becky G to proudly embrace her Mexican roots by infusing authentic Mexican flavors into the music. Through resounding lyrics and exquisite musical production, listeners can truly celebrate Mexican culture and feel a deep sense of connection along the way.

A Homage to Generation

Capturing the essence of Mexican American singer-songwriters

Becky G aspires to be a voice for a new generation of Mexican American singer-songwriters. With 'Esquinas,' she takes a break from her famous reggaeton genre and entirely focuses on showcasing the rich legacy of Mexican music. Get ready to experience the harmonious blending of Mexican sensibilities with Becky G's signature style.

Heartfelt Reflections through Songs

Explore the rollercoaster of emotions conveyed in 'Esquinas'

Delve into the heartfelt emotions expressed in songs such as '2NDO Chance,' 'Cries in Spanish,' and 'La Nena.' Becky G masterfully captures the essence of heartbreak and reflection, leading listeners through the poignant waves of her personal experiences in love and life. This narrative successfully resonates and connects with the audience on an emotional level.

Empowering Messages

Discover powerful and uplifting messages within 'Esquinas'

Within 'Esquinas,' search deeper for empowering songs like 'Un Puno De Tierra' and 'Chanel.' These anthems embolden listeners to seize a second chance, follow their dreams, and cultivate self-love. Becky G's evocative lyrics serve as a source of strength and inspiration to everyone who craves personal growth and empowerment.

Cuidadito featuring Chiquis

'Cuidadito,' a lively collaboration with Chiquis, truly shines as an entity on the album. It perfectly captures the essence of vibrant Mexican rhythms, where listeners can revel in the infectious sounds that are described as pure homecoming celebration.

Serenading the Past with Love

Becky G pays a heartfelt tribute to her grandfather

In her touching song 'Querido Abuelo,' Becky G pours her heart out, expressing gratitude and love to her late grandfather. As the closing track of her album, it encapsulates the deep bond shared between the artist and her beloved abuelo, representing the profound impact her Mexican heritage has had on her journey.


In conclusion, Becky G's album 'Esquinas' delivers a captivating musical experience that beautifully explores her Mexican heritage. With a seamless blend of authentic Mexican influences and heartfelt emotions, Becky G leaves an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene, inviting listeners to celebrate their cultural roots.


What makes 'Esquinas' unique?

What sets 'Esquinas' apart is Becky G's bold decision to dive deep into her Mexican heritage, letting it shape the entire album's sound and message. By incorporating traditional Mexican music elements and beautifully weaving heartfelt emotions into each track, Becky G showcases her authenticity as an artist.

How has 'Esquinas' resonated with the audience?

'Esquinas' has resonated deeply with the audience, particularly Latin and Latino Americans, as it serves as a powerful representation of their cultural identities. The emotionally charged lyrics and immersive melodies have struck a chord, allowing fans to connect with Becky G's story on a personal level and find solace within the music.

What impact has 'Esquinas' had on Becky G's career?

'Esquinas' marks a significant milestone in Becky G's career, showcasing her artistic growth and versatility as a musician. By delving into her Mexican roots, she has expanded her fanbase while solidifying her position as an influential figure in Latin and Latino music. This album cements her ability to transcend genres and create music that resonates universally.

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