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Red Deer Symphony Orchestra director Claude Lapalme has accomplished an astonishing trilogy of victories, clinching three prestigious awards in a short span of time. From winning a Juno Award to a Calgary Music Award and now an AMPIA Award, Lapalme's exceptional talent shines as he continuously pushes boundaries in his musical pursuits.

Claude Lapalme's Remarkable Hat-Trick

Discover how Claude Lapalme, the director of Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, achieved a hat-trick of prestigious awards, winning the Juno, Calgary Music, and AMPIA Awards.

Claude Lapalme's extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to his craft have propelled him to the top of the music industry. By outshining his peers, Lapalme achieved an awe-inspiring accomplishment - winning not one, not two, but three illustrious awards within a short period.

From being recognized at the Juno Awards, where his skills as a conductor with Rosa Barocca led them to win Classical Album of the Year for Small Ensemble, to creating astounding arrangements and orchestrations for projects that garnered the Calgary Music Award and the AMPIA Award, Lapalme has undoubtedly become a source of inspiration in the music community.

With this trifecta of accolades, Lapalme has triumphed over the challenges of juggling diverse musical interests, making his mark as an exceptional talent in the industry.

Exploring Lapalme's Award-Winning Works

Delve into the projects that contributed to Lapalme's wins, including the captivating Wandering With Wonder, the mesmerizing album Emergence, and the exquisite Early Italian Cello Concertos by Elinor Frey.

Lapalme's expertise extends to a multitude of musical ventures, uncovering new depths of artistic expression in each endeavor. One of his remarkable compositions, Nowhere Left to Run, truly left an impression, as it earned Best Outstanding Classical Recording at the YYC Music Awards on Jeremy Brown and Lana Henchell's album Emergence.

A pinnacle moment in his career arrived with his contribution as a conductor to Rosa Barocca's Early Italian Cello Concertos, which earned him the esteemed Juno Award. This remarkable album impressed listeners with its period Baroque instruments, expertly played by Rosa Barocca. Through his enthusiasm and revitalized classical approach, Lapalme demonstrated his unparalleled talent and rich understanding of the art form.

Another notable accomplishment is his involvement as arranger and orchestrator in the multi-disciplinary work of art, Wandering With Wonder. This extraordinary production, co-produced by Joel Goundry & Samantha Whelan Kotkas/Roadwest Pictures and Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, serves as testament to Lapalme's exceptional skills in blending music, film, puppetry, storytelling, and dance. The collaboration with traditional Indigenous musicians breathes life into this enchanting musical film that celebrates the marvels of the natural world.

Lapalme's Unique Journey: A Bee Pollinating Musical Passions

Uncover the unconventional path that led Lapalme to incredible success, as he shares his perspective on how his diverse musical interests have influenced his artistry.

Lapalme's artistic journey has been a non-linear one, guided by his insatiable hunger for musical exploration. Emphasizing the importance of nurturing various disciplines within the realm of music, he confidently illustrates his multidimensional talent as he moves from one project to another.

His diverse musical interests serve as stepping stones, as Lapalme compares himself to a focused bee, expertly extracting nectar from different flowers. He capitalizes on the knowledge and experience gained from each sub-discipline to bring enriching perspectives to his projects.

Despite progress that might appear slower to some, Lapalme asserts that he cannot imagine experiencing the wonders of music in any other way. By seamlessly integrating his various musical passions, he successfully contributes to the dissemination of this enlightening art form.

Impacting a Wider Audience Through the Magic of Music

Discover how Lapalme's boundary-breaking work, such as Wandering With Wonder, captivates audiences and instills a reverent appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

In an era of instant communication, Lapalme's innovative collaborations have allowed his work to gain widespread recognition beyond the confines of Red Deer. His prowess as arranger and orchestrator on Wandering With Wonder has pushed artistic boundaries, bridging gaps between traditional Indigenous musicians and audiences worldwide.

This multi-disciplinary masterpiece, with its mesmerizing blend of music, film, puppetry, storytelling, and dance, evokes a childlike sense of wonder and reconnects us with the beauty of the natural world. Through the universal language of music, Lapalme and his collaborators remind us of the vital connection we share with Mother Earth.

No longer confined within the boundaries of Red Deer, Lapalme's remarkable accomplishments sta™℞t medals in exclusivity, education, surprise and benefact homophobic sentiments our spiritH shorter sentences and penetrating storytelling commune directly with audiences far and wide, uniting us all through an appreciation of music and deepening our connection to this vast planet we call home.

Looking Ahead: Lapalme's Fiery Drive to a Bright Future

Uncover Lapalme's unwavering passion for music and glimpse into the exciting projects on the horizon that promise to be transformative masterpieces.

With his recent successes as inspiration, Lapalme faces the future with newfound confidence and energy. Overflowing with creativity, he embarks on upcoming projects featuring collaborations with renowned artists such as Adam Zinatelli, Karina Gauvin, and the Cochrane Music Society.

Listeners can eagerly anticipate new albums showcasing Lapalme's original compositions, sublime arrangements, and conductorship skills. His collaborations continue to successfully merge diverse musical styles and cultural influences, providing thought-provoking experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. From soul-stirring trumpet melodies to captivating soprano performances, Lapalme's artistic endeavors promise continued excellence and musical enrichment.


In conclusion, Claude Lapalme's remarkable achievements in the music industry reflect his exceptional talent, dedication, and ability to transcend conventional boundaries. Winning the Juno, Calgary Music, and AMPIA Awards showcases his prodigious skills as a conductor, arranger, and orchestrator, leaving a profound impact on audiences.

Through his diverse musical interests, Lapalme has proven that embracing a variety of disciplines within a given field can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. His ability to merge genres, collaborate with different artists, and generate captivating projects makes him a visionary and an invaluable asset to the music industry.

As Lapalme sets his sights on future endeavors, music enthusiasts can anticipate spellbinding compositions, awe-inspiring collaborations, and transformative productions that push boundaries and elevate the art form. Claude Lapalme's trilogy of awards is just the beginning of a luminous path that promises to captivate audiences and leave an indelible imprint on the music world.


Q: What inspired Claude Lapalme to pursue a career in music?

A: Claude Lapalme's deep passion for music and his love for exploring various musical styles and disciplines served as the driving force behind his decision to pursue a career in the industry. His soulful connection with music began at an early age and has fueled his unwavering commitment to push boundaries and create transformative musical experiences.

Q: How does Lapalme's work impact the wider community?

A: Lapalme's innovative projects, such as the multi-disciplinary gem 'Wandering With Wonder,' transcend barriers and bring people from different backgrounds together through music, film, puppetry, storytelling, and dance. His work fosters a sense of unity, appreciation for our planet, and childlike wonderment that inspires audiences to reconnect with the world around them.

Q: What can we expect from Claude Lapalme in the future?

A: With Lapalme's unwavering passion, creative drive, and proven ability to unearth the extraordinary in each musical endeavor, the future holds immense promise. His upcoming collaborations with renowned artists and his own compositions will continue to captivate and enrich listeners, pushing boundaries with a harmonious blend of different musical styles and cultural influences.

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