Already Dead's 'Landlord' is a protest song for the modern labor movement

Get ready to be blown away by the potent blend of passion and social consciousness in the latest release from Massachusetts punk band. Inspired by a podcast interview with the late historian Howard Zinn, they have crafted a gripping acoustic track titled 'Landlord' that delves into the struggles of keeping a roof over one's head amidst a housing crisis. In this exclusive premiere, we invite you to explore the poignant themes and heartfelt music that make this song a compelling anthem for our times.

A Powerful Message in Music

Explore how Massachusetts punk band uses music as a platform to shed light on the housing crisis and its impact on individuals and communities.

Through their electrifying new song 'Landlord,' Massachusetts punk band sends a powerful and timely message about the challenges faced by individuals and families struggling to find affordable housing.

With lyrics that resonate and a raw, energetic musical style, the band tackles the pressing issue of the housing crisis and its repercussions in communities across the country.

This captivating song serves as a rallying cry, encouraging listeners to reflect on the urgent need for affordable, safe housing and the impact it has on society as a whole.

The Inspiration Behind 'Landlord'

Delve into how a podcast interview with historian Howard Zinn sparked the creation of 'Landlord' and how the band incorporates personal experiences and social themes into their music.

While cleaning his garage and listening to the Working Class History podcast, frontman Dan Cummings was inspired by an interview with the late historian Howard Zinn, recounting his childhood experiences during the Great Depression.

Cummings turned this poignant story of struggling to keep a roof over one’s head into a compelling acoustic track that merges personal experiences with broader societal challenges.

The band's ability to infuse powerful lyrics with their own life experiences and social commentary gives 'Landlord' a profound emotional depth and universal appeal.

Capturing the Struggles of Housing Insecurity

Dive into the evocative lyrics and energetic music of 'Landlord,' as the band conveys the constant stress and uncertainty faced by individuals experiencing a housing crisis.

'Landlord' paints a vivid picture of the daily struggles endured by individuals grappling with housing insecurity.

The intense instrumentation and fast-strumming guitar build a sense of urgency, mirroring the anxiety and uncertainty of those who find themselves one step away from losing their homes.

By eloquently expressing the emotional and psychological toll of housing instability, Massachusetts punk band creates a powerful and relatable musical narrative that resonates with listeners.

Working Class Musicians Reclaim Punk Rock

Discover how Massachusetts punk band, made up of working class musicians, continues the tradition of politically charged punk rock with their electrifying music and socially conscious lyrics.

A Rich Tradition of Politically Charged Punk Rock

'Landlord' harks back to the roots of punk rock, where rebellious music carried powerful political messages.

The band, consisting of working class musicians who understand the struggles of everyday life, infuses their music with a deep social consciousness.

An Authentic Representation of the Working Class

With frontman Dan Cummings and bassist Brandon Bartlett as union pipefitter and ironworker, respectively, and drummer Nick Cali operating commercial vehicles, the band embodies the spirit of the working class.

Their firsthand experiences with physical labor and economic volatility serve as driving inspirations behind their music and provide a voice to the marginalized in society.

A Call for Change and Empowerment

Unearth the optimism and call for action in the lyrics of 'Landlord' as the band addresses the need for fair wages, reliable work, and improved living conditions.

While 'Landlord' illuminates the struggles faced by those dealing with skyrocketing rent prices, it also carries a message of hope and empowerment.

The song insists that with access to fair wage jobs, individuals can overcome the challenges they face and secure a brighter future.

The band's call for change mirrors the growing global movements demanding fair wages, better working conditions, and improved living situations for all.

With their unyielding spirit and powerful songwriting, Massachusetts punk band shows their commitment to creating a better society for everyone.

A Union of Music and Activism

Witness how Massachusetts punk band brings their music to the picket lines, raising awareness about workers' rights and joining the larger labor movement.

Frontman Dan Cummings is not only a musician; he brings his guitar to the picket lines, using his music as a tool for activism.

From performing for striking UPS employees to appearing at the Labor Day Festival in Lawrence, the band actively involves themselves in the movement for workers' rights and social justice.

This powerful fusion of music and activism demonstrates how art can serve as a catalyst for change and draw attention to the pressing issues in society.


In their powerful new song 'Landlord,' Massachusetts punk band sheds light on the urgent and relevant issue of the housing crisis. Through emotionally charged lyrics and energetic music, they capture the struggles faced by countless individuals and families affected by housing insecurity. The band's use of music as a platform for social commentary and activism reflects their commitment to creating positive change in the world.

'Landlord' stands as a testament to the enduring power of punk rock, reminding us of its origins as a genre rooted in societal critique. The song serves as a call to action, urging listeners to join the fight for fair wages, affordable housing, and a better future for everyone.


Q: How did the band come up with the inspiration for the song 'Landlord'?

A: Frontman Dan Cummings found inspiration while listening to the Working Class History podcast, which featured an interview with the late historian Howard Zinn. Zinn's personal experiences and discussion of housing struggles during the Great Depression inspired Cummings to write 'Landlord'.

Q: How does the band incorporate their experiences as working class musicians into their music?

A: The band members all come from working class backgrounds, with Cummings and Bartlett working as union pipefitter and ironworker, and Cali operating commercial vehicles. Their firsthand experiences with physical labor and economic challenges fuel their socially conscious lyrics and give voice to the marginalized in society.

Q: Does the band actively participate in activism and social movements?

A: Absolutely. The band members believe in using their music as a tool for activism. They have performed for striking UPS employees and appeared at the Labor Day Festival in Lawrence, actively advocating for workers' rights and drawing attention to important social issues.

Q: What is the message behind 'Landlord'?

A: 'Landlord' addresses the pressing issue of the housing crisis and the struggles of individuals and families trying to find affordable housing. The song conveys the constant stress and uncertainty faced by those grappling with housing insecurity but also carries a message of hope, emphasizing the importance of fair wages and improved living conditions.

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