8 Must-Hear New Country Songs: Trisha Yearwood, Wynonna, Sawyer Brown, Brittney Spencer & More

In this week's batch of country music releases, two powerhouse vocalists join forces to revive an iconic song, while a rising star pays homage to her musical heroes. We also delve into the foray of a Contemporary Christian Music artist into country music and a new high-octane track from Sawyer Brown. Get ready for some exciting collaborations and highly-anticipated albums!

Powerful Collab: Wynonna Judd & Trisha Yearwood

Experience the stunning collaboration between two legendary country vocalists.

Get ready for a musical feast as country music icons, Wynonna Judd and Trisha Yearwood, come together to breathe new life into the timeless classic, “Cry Myself to Sleep.” Originally recorded by The Judds in the 80s, this song showcases the angsty vocals and unmatched chemistry between Wynonna and Yearwood. With blues-soaked delivery and snarling growls, Trisha Yearwood brings out the raw and emotional elements of this Paul Kennerly-penned track, reminding us once again why these women are country music royalty. Don't miss out on this incredible collaboration!

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Flatland Cavalry and Kaitlin Butts: Warm & Easygoing Harmony

Indulge in the heartwarming harmonies of Flatland Cavalry and Kaitlin Butts.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the soothing melodies of Flatland Cavalry and Kaitlin Butts in their charming duet, “Mornings With You.” In this warm and laid-back track, the couple takes us on a journey of love and togetherness, briefly escaping the demands of the road for peaceful moments spent with a loved one. Cleto Cordero's delicate vocals pair perfectly with Kaitlin Butts' soulful voice, creating a truly enchanting musical experience.

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Brittney Spencer: Honoring Musical Heroes

Join rising star Brittney Spencer as she pays tribute to her musical influences.

Step into Brittney Spencer's world of musical appreciation in her heartfelt track, “Bigger Than the Song.” Known for her breathtaking vocals, Brittney delivers a powerful anthem dedicated to her sheroes—the inspiring women who have shaped the landscape of music. With lyrics that namecheck the likes of Reba McEntire, Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé, this song is a nostalgic tribute to the impactful voices that have influenced Brittney's own musical journey.

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Anne Wilson: Blending Genres with Soulful Sensibility

Discover the captivating fusion of country and Contemporary Christian Music in Anne Wilson's latest release.

Anne Wilson, the rising star of Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), is breaking new ground with her entry into the country music realm. In her remarkable track, “Rain in the Rearview,” she expertly combines her Kentucky twang and soulful vocals with country-inspired songcraft. Here, Anne sings of triumph over pain and disappointment, drawing comparisons to carpe diem anthems like “Jesus Take the Wheel.” With its powerful message and the blending of acoustic guitar, this emotional song is a testament to Anne Wilson's emerging presence in the country music scene.

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Sawyer Brown: A Timeless Return to Their Roots

Rock out with Sawyer Brown as they pay tribute to their rich musical history.

Sawyer Brown, the country powerhouse known for their energizing performances, is back with their latest high-octane track, “Under This Ole Hat.” This song is a nod to their four-decade-long musical journey featuring irresistible rockin' beats and charismatic vocals. With lyrics that reflect on their 40 years in the industry, Sawyer Brown takes us on a trip down memory lane. Mark Miller's powerful vocals and the foot-stomping rhythm will remind you why this band has stayed at the forefront of country music for so long.

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Veronique Medrano: Embracing Heritage in Music

Experience the dynamic fusion of Latin music and country in Veronique Medrano's latest contemporary project.

Veronique Medrano, a native of Brownsville, Texas, proudly showcases her Latin roots and musical influences in her impactful album, MexiAmericana. Amidst the array of musical styles, Veronique's rich and versatile voice captures listeners' hearts. With catchy tunes infused with country, Tejano, and early pop flavors, she pays homage to legends like Freddy Fender and explores themes of love, heritage, and girl power. This meticulously-crafted album truly deserves a spot in the collection of every music lover.

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In this fantastic lineup of new country music releases, we've witnessed the timeless power of collaboration, heartfelt tributes to musical heroes, and the exploration of genre boundaries. From legendary vocalists teaming up to breathe new life into classics, to rising stars making their mark with soulful melodies, country music continues to captivate the hearts of listeners.

As we soak in the heartfelt harmonies and soul-stirring lyrics, we can't help but celebrate the rich legacy and limitless possibilities of country music. The dynamic blend of emotions and storytelling envelops us, creating a connection that transcends time and boundaries. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as you immerse yourself in these remarkable albums and illustrious collaborations.


Are there any upcoming releases from these artists?

Absolutely! Make sure to mark your calendars for Wynonna Judd and Trisha Yearwood's highly-anticipated album, 'A Tribute to the Judds,' set to release on October 27th. You can also look forward to Flatland Cavalry's album, 'Wandering Star,' coming out on the same day. Brittney Spencer's debut album, 'My Stupid Life,' is slated for release on January 19th. Stay tuned for Anne Wilson's three-track project, 'The Beginning.'

What is Veronique Medrano's previous album?

Veronique Medrano's previous album is 'Encantadora,' which was released almost a decade ago. It showcased her talent and garnered several Tejano Music Awards nominations. Her latest musical endeavor, 'MexiAmericana,' is truly a testament to her growth and artistic dynamism.

How long has Sawyer Brown been making music?

Sawyer Brown has been delighting audiences with their high-energy performances and engaging songs for over four decades. Their enduring presence in the country music scene is a testament to their unwavering talent and dedication to their craft.

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