6 Inspiring Quotes From the Female Power Panel at Billboard Latin Music Week 2023

Join us as we dive into the empowering world of female artists at Billboard Latin Music Week 2023. Kany García, María Becerra, Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso, Young Miko, and GALE took the stage to share their experiences and insights. Get ready to be inspired by their words as they discuss women's growing influence in the music industry.

Nicki Nicole on the First Woman Who Supported Her

Discover the impactful story of how Nicki Nicole found support in the industry. Learn from her journey as she shares the power of female artists uplifting each other.

As an up-and-coming artist in a male-dominated industry, Nicki Nicole faced challenges early on. However, everything changed when Cazzu, a fellow female artist, stepped in to support her. With just one song released, Cazzu's embrace transformed Nicki Nicole as a woman and an artist. This inspiring story showcases the power of women uplifting each other in the music industry.

Young Miko's Inspiration from Kany García

Experience the impact that Kany García made on Young Miko's journey as an LGBTQ+ artist. Witness the transformation and empowerment that arise through representation in the music scene.

The presence of LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry has profoundly influenced artists like Young Miko. Kany García played a significant role in inspiring Young Miko to overcome fear and be confident in their identity. As they discovered their shared LGBTQ+ community, Young Miko felt empowered to open up about their artistry. Today, both Young Miko and Kany García serve as beacons of change in an increasingly receptive landscape.

Nathy Peluso's Thriving Journey as a Female Rap Artist

Uncover Nathy Peluso's challenging path to success as a female rap artist. Delve into her determination, resilience, and how she paved the way for aspiring women in the hip-hop genre.

Nathy Peluso navigated a predominantly male rap industry where female representation was scarce. This created significant hurdles along her journey to success. However, she embraced the challenge and created a space for herself, transforming the formerly constrained landscape for aspiring female rap artists. Nathy Peluso's story serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing evolution and the importance of supporting our sisters in the music world.

María Becerra's Artistic Experimentation

Discover how María Becerra fearlessly ventured into different musical genres. Embrace the idea that experimentation leads to growth and expands artistic boundaries.

María Becerra embodies the spirit of experimentation in her music. From trap to dancehall, she fearlessly explores different genres. Her diverse influences have allowed her to embrace her creativity fully and cater to her varied tastes. María's willingness to experiment is a testament to the boundless nature of artistry and the importance of embracing all aspects of our artistic selves.

Embracing the Everlasting Learning Process with Kany García

Join Kany García in her continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. Understand the significance of embracing a lifelong learning process as an artist.

Kany García, with over 16 years of experience in the music industry, acknowledges that her self-discovery is an ongoing process. Through the years, she has recognized that growth and exploration never cease. Each day brings new lessons, which shape the artist she is today. Embracing this dynamic learning process is crucial for any artist's continuous growth and creative evolution.

GALE's Connection with Vulnerability and Honesty

Unveil GALE's journey of embracing vulnerability and connecting with listeners through authentic, honest storytelling in music. Explore one artist's approach to establishing an elemental bond with audiences.

Connecting with listeners on a deep emotional level requires vulnerability expressed through music. GALE emphasizes the power of embracing fear and honesty in her captivating songwriting. By revealing her truth fearlessly, she forges an empathetic connection that resonates with her audience. Through vulnerability and honesty, GALE forms an unbreakable bond between her music and those who listen.


Billboard Latin Music Week 2023 showcased the power and influence of female artists in the industry. Kany García, María Becerra, Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso, Young Miko, and GALE shared their inspiring stories, highlighting the need for support, representation, and continuous growth. Through their words, we witnessed the strength and resilience of women in music, and how embracing vulnerability and embracing oneself can lead to profound connections with audiences. As we look to the future, it's clear that women are paving the way and reshaping the music landscape.

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