2 Minutes With Jason Ryterband: A Journey Through Music and Creativity

In this edition of 2 Minutes With, we dive into the world of Jason Ryterband, a multi-talented musician and commercial composer. Join us as we explore his musical journey, creative inspirations, and the exciting projects he's been working on recently.

Growing Up on the Jersey Shore

Discover Jason Ryterband's humble beginnings in Rumson, a quiet town on the Jersey Shore, and how his upbringing shaped his musical journey.

Jason Ryterband hails from the Jersey Shore, but his childhood was far from the wild antics portrayed on reality TV. Growing up in the peaceful town of Rumson, he spent his days riding his bike to the beach and immersing himself in the beauty of the shore.

It was during this time that Jason's passion for music began to take shape. With a singer for a mother, he was exposed to harmonies and melodies from a young age. His earliest musical memory involves his mom teaching him how to harmonize, a moment that ignited his fascination with sound and set him on a path towards a career in music.

Musical Inspirations and Favorite Artists

Explore the diverse range of musicians and bands that inspire Jason Ryterband's unique sound, from electronic pioneers to boundary-pushing artists.

Jason Ryterband draws inspiration from a wide array of musical genres and artists. One of his lifelong appreciations is for a band called [band name], who are considered pioneers of electronic music. Their innovative approach to arrangement, production, and sound design has greatly influenced Jason's own musical style.

In addition to [band name], Jason finds inspiration in artists like [artist name], [artist name], and [artist name]. Each of these musicians brings a unique perspective to their craft, pushing the boundaries of genre and creating unexpected sonic experiences. Jason curates playlists filled with songs that inspire him, organized by categories such as "Production," "Synths," "Atmospheres," "Drums," and "Minimalism."

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A Meaningful Creative Endeavor: Jason's Solo Project

Delve into Jason Ryterband's solo music project and the profound impact it has had on his artistic journey, self-expression, and personal growth.

Jason Ryterband's solo music project is a deeply personal and meaningful creative endeavor. After years of contemplation, he found the courage to embark on this solo venture in 2017. The first EP and video series served as an homage to the creative process and the joy of self-expression.

Through this project, Jason has not only honed his skills in songwriting and production but has also discovered profound insights about himself and the human experience. He describes the experience as transcendent and spiritual, with moments of true connection to something greater.

Tracks like [song name] and [song name] embody this transcendent quality, inviting listeners into Jason's world of lush soundscapes and introspective lyrics.

Proud Moments: Collaborations and Notable Projects

Learn about one of Jason Ryterband's recent collaborations, a cover of a popular song for a TV show, and his pride in the finished product.

Last November, Jason was approached to co-produce and sing a cover of [song name] for the TV show [TV show name]. Collaborating with his long-time songwriting teacher/mentor [mentor name] and singer-songwriter [singer-songwriter name], Jason poured his heart into the production.

The goal was to keep the production simple yet emotionally powerful, allowing the vocals to shine. The finished product exceeded their expectations, and it can be heard in the season finale of [TV show name]. Jason is immensely proud of this collaboration and the opportunity to contribute his musical talents to a wider audience.

The Evolution of the Music World

Discover Jason Ryterband's excitement about the evolution of the music world, particularly the rise of electronic music and the democratization of the industry.

Jason Ryterband has witnessed the remarkable evolution of the music world throughout his career. One aspect that excites him is the increasing influence of electronic music. From its humble beginnings on the fringes of society, electronic music has now permeated almost every genre, from pop and hip-hop to alternative and even jazz and classical.

Another significant change that Jason embraces is the democratization of the music industry. In the past, artists heavily relied on traditional record labels, but now, with the advent of technology and online platforms, artists have more freedom and control over their careers. Jason himself has operated outside the traditional record label system for most of his career, building his own business alongside his artistic pursuits.

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Beyond Music: Inspirations Outside the Industry

Discover the individuals who inspire Jason Ryterband outside the world of music, from his talented partner to his dance teacher who has had a profound impact on his life.

Jason Ryterband finds inspiration not only within the realm of music but also from individuals outside the industry. One person he greatly admires is his partner [partner name], a talented screenwriter. He values her unique creative voice, relentless tenacity, and ability to make a significant impact in any room she enters.

Another influential figure in Jason's life is [dance teacher name], his dance teacher for over a decade. [Dance teacher name] teaches a form of dance called 360 Emergence, which combines freeform movement, self-expression, meditation, and connection. Jason credits [dance teacher name] with transforming his life through this transformative dance practice.


Jason Ryterband's musical journey is a testament to the power of self-expression and the transformative nature of creativity. From his humble beginnings on the Jersey Shore to his current success as a solo artist and commercial composer, Jason has consistently pushed boundaries and explored new musical territories.

His ability to blur genres and incorporate diverse influences has garnered him a dedicated following and critical acclaim. With his unique sound and captivating performances, Jason continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.


What is Jason Ryterband's most notable project?

One of Jason Ryterband's most notable projects is his current solo music project, which he embarked on in 2017. This endeavor has allowed him to delve deep into his creative process and explore the joy of self-expression.

Who are some of Jason Ryterband's favorite musicians?

Jason Ryterband draws inspiration from a wide range of musicians and bands. Some of his favorites include electronic pioneers [band name], [artist name], [artist name], and [artist name]. Each of these artists brings a unique perspective to their craft and has influenced Jason's own musical style.

What excites Jason Ryterband about the evolution of the music world?

Jason Ryterband is excited about the increasing influence of electronic music on mainstream genres and the democratization of the music industry. He believes that these changes have opened up new opportunities for artists to express themselves and build their careers outside the traditional record label system.

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