Unlocking Musical Inspiration with Pro Tools Sketch: A Game-Changer for Music Creators

Introducing Pro Tools Sketch, the innovative creation tool that empowers musicians to capture inspiration and freely explore new ideas. This groundbreaking addition to the Pro Tools workflow provides an exciting non-linear environment alongside the renowned editing and mixing features. With its seamless integration and versatile capabilities, Pro Tools Sketch offers creators of all levels a unique platform to experiment, ideate, and express their musical vision.

Unleash Your Creativity with Pro Tools Sketch

Experience the freedom to explore and experiment with ideas anywhere

With Pro Tools Sketch, musicians are no longer limited to a linear workflow for idea generation. This game-changing creation tool enables you to capture your inspiration as it strikes, whether you're in the studio, on the go, or anywhere in between. Pro Tools Sketch grants you the flexibility to start with clip-based sketches, organized by loops, MIDI, and live recordings, allowing for quick arrangement and exporting.

An impressive library of over 1 GB of loops and onboard effects caters to various music genres, providing endless creative possibilities. Mixing your recorded audio and MIDI with the pre-existing loops becomes effortless, seamlessly merging your own ideas with the extensive resources available. Plus, the integration between the Pro Tools Sketch iPad app and desktop software allows you to work fluidly between devices and never miss a moment of inspiration.

Elevate Your Music with Non-Linear Creation

Break free from traditional linear audio recording and embrace a more dynamic approach

Pro Tools Sketch offers a revolutionary departure from the established norm by introducing a non-linear creation environment. With 16 tracks at your disposal and virtually unlimited scenes, you can arrange and organize your musical sketches effortlessly. Whether you're layering loops, working with MIDI, or recording live instruments, the non-linear features empower you to explore sequences, experiment with arrangements, and sculpt your compositions with unparalleled freedom.

By integrating with the revered editing and mixing tools available on the Pro Tools platform, you can easily transition your sketches onto the timeline for further polish and refinement. The inclusion of drag-and-drop plugin slot reordering enhances flexibility, allowing you to tweak and experiment with processing on the fly. Embrace non-linear creation and take your music to new heights.

Streamline Workflow with Pro Tools Sketch

Enhance your productivity and efficiency as you translate ideas into reality

One of the outstanding merits of Pro Tools Sketch lies in its seamlessness as part of the Pro Tools ecosystem. Find inspiration within the massive library of free loops, virtual instruments, and effects, and seamlessly incorporate your sketches into the Edit and Mix windows. The Rally multimode sequencer, expansive MIDI editing capabilities, and smart features like versions enhance your productivity, ensuring that your creative process faces minimal distractions and bottlenecks.

Powerful organization tools, automation, and event-based indexing of sketches significantly amplify your efficiency and allow you to quickly build compositions with ease. Generating contribution from beginners and seasoned creators alike, Pro Tools Sketch emphasizes collaboration and idea generation, making it not just an exceptional tool for solo artists but also an indispensable part of a professional music studio environment.

Pro Tools Sketch - The Bridge Between Ideas and Productions

Transition seamlessly from inspirations to fully-fledged productions

Pro Tools Sketch acts as a bridge between fleeting inspirations and fully-fledged productions within the Pro Tools software. Take advantage of Pro Tools' award-winning editing and mixing capabilities to develop, refine, and produce your sketch-based ideas into polished final arrangements. The perfect sonic landscape is within reach as you navigate your productions using an intuitive interface that caters to your every need.

Pro Tools Sketch further solidifies its position in the creative process by allowing flexible movement between platforms. Capture that momentous spark on your iPad via the Sketch app and convey it into the multilayered soundscapes possible with Pro Tools on your desktop. Say goodbye to ideas lost in transit and seamlessly translate them into fully-realized musical expressions across multiple devices, simplifying and amplifying your creative journey.

Innovation Keeps Flowing with Pro Tools Updates

Enhancements and new features keep you at the cutting edge of music production

Dive further into creativity with the Pro Tools 2023.9 update:

  • Unlock personalized updates and a host of valuable tools with an active Pro Tools subscription or perpetual license.
  • Export selected ranges feature empowers you to break up large post-production sessions or divide live recordings into individual songs, preserving your important work in easily manageable segments.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in experimentation with the drag-and-drop plugin slot reordering, revolutionizing the manipulation of processing order.

Stay ahead of the curve with constant software updates that ensure you have access to cutting-edge features and advancements in the ever-evolving world of music production.


Pro Tools Sketch revolutionizes the process of music creation, providing an innovative and flexible platform for capturing inspiration and experimenting with ideas. Seamlessly integrating into the Pro Tools ecosystem, it empowers musicians of all levels to unleash their creativity and translate their musical visions into reality.

With its non-linear creation environment, extensive library of loops and effects, and powerful organization tools, Pro Tools Sketch enhances productivity and efficiency, enabling seamless collaboration and idea generation. Transitioning from initial sketches to fully-fledged productions becomes a smooth and intuitive journey, with the convenience of working across multiple devices.

Furthermore, ongoing updates and new features ensure that Pro Tools users stay at the cutting edge of music production, always equipped with the latest advancements in the industry.

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