Tyler Hubbard Embraces Present Moment in New Song 'Back Then Right Now'

Tyler Hubbard's latest release, 'Back Then Right Now,' is more than just a nostalgic tune. It reflects Hubbard's newfound mindset of living in the present and appreciating the beauty of unplugged moments. In this article, we dive into how Hubbard's intentional shift has shaped his personal life, artistic journey, and upcoming album.

Tyler Hubbard's Transformative Mindset

Discover how Tyler Hubbard's renewed mindset focuses on the power of living in the present

Tyler Hubbard, popular country artist known for being one half of Florida Georgia Line, has recently undergone a powerful mindset shift. He has embraced the importance of living in the present moment, valuing precious unplugged time, and making meaningful connections.

This transformation in mindset is reflected in his latest song release, 'Back Then Right Now.' This intentional change in perspective has not only impacted his personal life but has also influenced his artistic journey and upcoming album.

How has this shift influenced the path of Hubbard's career? Let's dive deeper into his journey exploring the major changes and the exciting creative possibilities on the horizon.

Escaping the Clutches of Social Media

Discover how Hubbard has limited his social media use in order to fully embrace present moments

At a certain point in his life, Tyler Hubbard realized the potential toll that social media can take on one's mental well-being and overall presence. Taking control of his digital life, he deliberately disconnected from social media by removing apps from his phone and prioritizing real-life experiences over online validation.

Hubbard voices that he values being present in the present moment without the need to consistently document and share every experience. This disconnection served as a stepping stone for Hubbard's musical and personal growth.

What impact has this intentional separation had on his journey as an artist? Let's explore the surprising outcomes of this temporary digitizing detox.

The Evolution of Tyler Hubbard's Sound

Uncover the sonic direction of Hubbard's upcoming album and his drive for continuous innovation

Tyler Hubbard's most recent solo venture has showcased his ever-evolving sound right from the get-go, with heartfelt hits such as '5 Foot 9' and 'Dancin' in the Country.' His solo debut marked a transition to a more rootsy, grounded, and mature musical space.

While the criteria for his upcoming album remain elusive, he shares exciting hints. Coaxing inspiration from various artists outside the realm of country music, including influencers like Morgan Wallen and Post Malone, Hubbard is carefully and deliberately crafting a new sonic identity.

What can listeners expect in terms of musically innovative choices and unexpected '80s undertones in his brand new project? Let's delve into the musical voyage awaiting fans.

Tyler Hubbard Joins Kane Brown for 'In the Air Tour'

Discover the exciting collaboration between Tyler Hubbard and Kane Brown for 'In the Air Tour'

Always looking for growth opportunities and fresh experiences, Tyler Hubbard recently announced that he will be joining forces with superstar Kane Brown for the highly-anticipated 'In the Air Tour' in 2024. This collaboration signifies a promising moment in Hubbard's career while embarking on a new chapter.

The joint tour will provide fans with even more chances to witness Hubbard's captivating stage presence and experience his brand-new music live. With two dynamic artists in the lineup, this event promises to be a can't-miss spectacle that will thrill country music enthusiasts nationwide.

Are you excited about this exciting collaboration and the exceptional concert experience ahead? Explore the details of this upcoming tour and mark your calendars for a night to remember!


Tyler Hubbard's transformational journey towards living in the present moment has fueled his artistic growth and paved the way for creative exploration. By consciously disconnecting from social media and valuing unplugged moments, Hubbard has reignited his passion and brought forth a new sonic direction for his upcoming album.

Moreover, his collaboration with Kane Brown for the 'In the Air Tour' marks an exciting chapter in his career, providing fans with unforgettable live experiences and opportunities to embrace the magic of his latest music.

Tyler Hubbard's unwavering commitment to staying present, growing as an artist, and connecting on a genuine level with his audience sets the stage for an extraordinary future. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming album and experience the transformation firsthand.

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